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Gujarat: Contractor Mohammad Rafiq torches 12 huts of daily labourers with families inside because they were asking for pending dues

Mohammad Rafiq sprinkled some inflammable petroleum liquid on these huts and set them on fire early on Sunday morning.

Decoding how PM Modi hacks EVMs, Part 2: Why Sonia Gandhi had a problem with MNREGA reforms and how Modi revolutionised employment, labour sector

The labour or employment reforms don’t stop at just the MNREGA - the Modi government has taken several other crucial steps

Brutal working hours fuels anger among Chinese workers: Report

Though China has clear regulations on overtime work, rest and vacation, they are hardly implemented in letter and spirit on the ground. 

Over 2 lakh fake labourers registered in Delhi Construction Workers Welfare Board, BJP questions AAP Government

Between 2018 and 2021, the Delhi government registered 9 lakh labourers as workers, with about 2 lakh of them being fake.

Rajasthan: Vikram Khan, Asad Khan, Syabu, Sahun, and others lynch one Chiranji Lal to death on suspicion of theft, arrested

A vegetable vendor named Chiranji Lal was lynched by Vikram Khan, Asad Khan, Syabu, Sahun, Taleem and others over suspicion of theft.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in New Jersey denies allegations of human trafficking, use of forced labour on construction site

In May this year, a group of Indian workers in US had filed a lawsuit alleging human trafficking and forced labour and had claimed they were confined and forced to work for as low as USD 1 on construction of the Swaminarayan temple in New Jersey's Robbinsville.

China sues German anthropologist who had exposed atrocities on Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, demands compensation for losses

Dr Adrian Zenz’s analysis played a significant role in exposing the Chinese government’s repression of ethnic Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang

Rahul Gandhi says if farmers and labourers are strong, India does not need to deploy armed forces at Indo-China border

Rahul Gandhi said that if India's labourers, farmers and weavers were strong, China would never dare to come inside India.

Labour And Dravidianism: History of Buckingham and Carnatic Mills Strike, the first major industrial unrest in South India

One of the major reasons for the success of the Dravidian movement is its co-option of the working class

Pakistani labourers held protests in Karachi against the disparities in the salaries of Pakistani and Chinese employees working on the CPEC project

Pakistani employees have demanded a salary hike in accordance with the salaries of their Chinese counterparts in the CPEC project

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