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An advocate writes about the legal processes to be followed in wake of sexual harassment charges against judges.
The Modi government moved a petition in SC asking for the vacation of stay over the 67-acre undisputed land surrounding the plot which is the actual subject matter of title suit
The Supreme Court has sent a plea challenging the mandatory recitation of Sanskrit and Hindi hymns during the morning assembly in Kendriya Vidyalayas to its Constitution bench. Supreme Court refers to constitution bench, a plea challenging compulsory recitation of Sanskrit and Hindi hymns in the morning assembly of the Kendriya Vidyalayas. — ANI (@ANI) January 28, 2019 The proceedings in the Court witnessed a confrontation between Justice Nariman and Solicitor General Tushar Mehta who appeared on behalf of the Union Government. "It is a universal truth, recognised by all texts, all paths of religion. It cannot become religious only because it is...
Interesting that during the ten years of UPA, no Union law minister, including Sibal, thought of abolishing sedition law.
Regarding the Death penalty, punishments are about justice as well and sometimes justice requires us to perform actions which are not entirely pleasant.
For smooth and successful functioning of democracy, the smooth relation between three pillars is very important
Wake up and smell the coffee. Today it is Abhijit Iyer, tomorrow it could be you and I
A minor confrontation took place between the evangelists and some local residents who objected to this targeting of Hindus at a religious event.
As citizens, we would be no less responsible for our indifference.
The decision to set up the parallel courts could be a blow to the respect and integrity for India's secular judiciary.

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