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Left propaganda

Wikipedia covering up The Wire’s wrongdoings? Meta fiasco wiped off from Wire’s page, Tek Fog allegations removed too

Wikipedia refused to let Meta Vs The Wire saga to appear on its platform, redirected Tek Fog page to The Wire.

Gyanvapi: Hindus should have their moment of catharsis and Muslims can find real heroes, not rapists and barbarians, but the lying ‘Left’ must stop

The Gyanvapi issue has come to the fore. There is more. These will not go away. Because we never had a chance to hear or read the truth

RSF targets India yet again in its Press Freedom Index: Here is a glimpse into their methodology that proves they are the mouthpiece of...

The dubious methodology of RSF to arrive at Global Press Freedom Index reveals that they are working at the behest of the global left

‘Seek remedy for non-compliance of restraint order instead of seeking injunctions’: Delhi HC to Vikram Sampath on his plea against Audrey Truschke

Delhi HC told Vikram Sampath that open letter with fake signatures by Audrey Truschke against him is not defamatory

Tek Fog App not found on prominent App and APK stores: IT Minister Rajeev Chandrashekar clarifies in Parliament

The IT Minister Rajeev Chandrashekar said they tried to locate Tek Fog app on major app and APK stores but could not find it

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine goes woke, changes ‘breastfeeding’ to ‘chestfeeding’, ‘breast milk’ to ‘parent’s milk’

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine said that de-sexed or gender-inclusive language must be used for breast-feeding

Delhi Dalit girl case: In their desperation to paint ‘upper-caste Brahmin priest’ as villain, they forgot Salim

Politicians are not concerned that a little girl lost her life, but they just want to further a narrative that paints a 'Hindu priest' in bad light probably because 'Salims' are already bad, eh?

Moneycontrol spreads misleading news second time in two days, first about oxygen export, now about Bharat Biotech and the price of vaccine

Moneycontrol has resorted to spreading misleading news about the pricing of COVID-19 vaccinations by Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute.

NDTV journalist Gargi Rawat Ansari shows how she is willing to sacrifice human lives so propaganda continues to reign supreme

NDTV journalist Gargi Rawat Ansari is married to Yusuf Ahmad Ansari, the great-grandson of former Congress President Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari

BBC, with history of anti-Hindu bias, attempts to take Hinduism out of Holi and Islamise the festival of colours: Details

The British public broadcaster BBC took to social media to Islamise Holi and attempted to take Hinduism out of the festival.

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