Friday, April 23, 2021


Left propaganda

NDTV journalist Gargi Rawat Ansari shows how she is willing to sacrifice human lives so propaganda continues to reign supreme

NDTV journalist Gargi Rawat Ansari is married to Yusuf Ahmad Ansari, the great-grandson of former Congress President Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari

BBC, with history of anti-Hindu bias, attempts to take Hinduism out of Holi and Islamise the festival of colours: Details

The British public broadcaster BBC took to social media to Islamise Holi and attempted to take Hinduism out of the festival.

US-based writer Gayle Kimball removes video of her 2020 interview with arrested ‘activist’ Disha Ravi: Here is what they don’t want you to know

In the 2020 interview too, Disha Ravi had gone on to spread misinformation and blatant lies to defame India on a global platform

Half knowledge is a dangerous thing: How Disha Ravi spread misinformation and blatant lies to defame India on a global platform

In an hour-long interview with writer Gayle Kimball, sometime in mid-2020, Ravi blames 'patriarchy' for rapes and paints a picture of doom.

21 year old Disha Ravi ‘too young’ to arrest? Liberals want to create a world where actions do not have consequences

Delhi Police has arrested 21-year old climate activist Disha Ravi from Bengaluru in connection with the 'Greta toolkit'

As the Globalist Left attempts to use the ‘farmer protests’ to further its agenda, India and PM Modi receive praise from others in the...

Prominent conservatives and right-wingers have expressed support for India and PM Modi in wake of the Greta Files leak.

Did Congress supporters, Communists and Islamists carry a concerted campaign to target Sachin Tendulkar with the help of media? Read details

Seven years ago Indians had trolled Sharaprova for not knowing Tendulkar, today they said sorry to her to troll Sachin Tendulkar

Document shared by climate activist Greta Thunberg reveals global campaign to stir unrest in India began before Republic Day riots: Details

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has inadvertently revealed the insidious nature of the global campaign against India.

Dopamine rush, freedom from consequences and political objectives: Why the Global Left slanders India while ignoring terrible atrocities elsewhere

Music sensation Rihanna sparked a torrent of comments on the farmer protests in India after she posted a tweet.

Delhi: Caravan employee Mandeep Punia tries to cross barricades and misbehave with cops at Singhu border, detained

Punia, who works with the far-left propaganda website 'The Caravan' and Junputh, was moving through roadblocks and trying to remove the barricades when he misbehaved the police.

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