Monday, September 27, 2021



Masks fall off Dismantling Global Hindutva conference: Six crazy things that were said at the anti-Hindu event

The panelists at the 'Dismantling Global Hindutva' conference have revealed that it's not a political ideology that they are against.

Rohtak: 20-year old murders parents, grandmother, sister for opposing homosexual relationship

Abhishek, son of a Rohtak based property dealer named Pradeep, shot dead his family over a homosexual relationship.

UK: Police to now use ‘rainbow coloured’ patrol cars to help the LGBT community

An NPCC spokesperson informed that it was up to individual forces to decide on the number of cars that they want to convert.

Germany: Homosexuals face intimidation from Muslim immigrants, attacked frequently outside gay bars

Muslim immigrants into Europe has turned out to be nightmare for homosexuals as they are getting attacked by the Islamists

Kerala: Trans woman dies by suicide after complaining about pain from botched sex reassignment surgery, had accused hospital of negligence

Trans woman Anannyah Kumari Alex dies by suicide after saying that she was facing serious health issues from botched a sex-reassignment surgery

London: Library brings a performer in monkey costume with hanging genitalia, exposed buttocks, says it was to ‘encourage kids to read’

London Library criticized for displaying obscene costumes and gestures in event meant for promoting reading habits among kids.

EU undermines democracy as it threatens Hungary for banning promotion of homosexuality, sex reassignment among children

The European Union has threatened Hungary with consequences for passing a law that bans promotion of homosexuality among children.

UEFA refuses to allow Munich Mayor to make LGBT rainbow political statement against Hungary during match vs Germany: Details

UEFA gas denied a request by the Munich Mayor to light up Allianz Arena in rainbow colours to protest a law passed in Hungary.

US Catholic bishops unhappy over Biden’s support for gay marriage and abortion, meeting to decide if he deserves communion

Communion is a sacrament central to the Roman Catholic faith that a priest often administers to Catholics. It is the act of receiving a piece of bread that symbolizes the body of Jesus and a sip of wine representing his blood.

‘Snake’, ‘Islamophobe bigot’, ‘cretin’: Islamists troll Shehla Rashid for condemning #WhySoProud against LGBT community

Former JNU student leader Shehla Rashid was trolled by Islamists on Monday after she condemned the 'Why So Proud' hashtag.

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