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6 Gulf states threaten Netlfix with legal action if content violating ‘Islamic values’ is not removed, Saudi media regulator flags LGBT content

Saudi media regulator and GCC, a group of gulf states has threatened Netflix of legal action if it fails to remove anti-Islam content

Saudi Arabia bans Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. Here’s why

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, latest offering from MCU, was all set to release in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries on May 5.

Qatar World Cup security official says rainbow flags may be confiscated to “protect” fans for supporting gay rights

Qatar, where same-sex relations are criminalized, has said that they will welcome LGBT+ community during the World Cup,

LGBTQ activist group tells people ‘not to be scared’ in abusing the deceased CDS Gen Rawat after his death

An LGBTQ group, 'Yes, We Exist', recently took to Instagram to subtly promote hate against martyred CDS Gen Bipin Rawat

Woke group accuses Virat Kohli’s restaurant chain of discriminating against LGBT community: Details

Virat Kohli has been accused of discriminating against the LGBT community by 'Yes, we exist' over entry into his restaurants.

US school postpones naming its theatre after actor-comedian Dave Chappelle after protests over his alleged transphobic comments in Netflix show

Students of Duke Ellington School in Washington DC are miffed with Dave Chappelle for his allegedly insulting remarks for LGBTQ community

Besides UNICEF India and CBFC, NCPCR pulls up West Bengal Govt over screening of films on same-sex relations in schools

In the letter addressed to Govt of West Bengal, NCPCR sought the state government's comments on the matter

Promoting LGBT propaganda and gender politics among children: Why toxic western ideologies should not be imported to schools in India

The movies on homosexual relationships is not the worst of LGBT propaganda that have been broadcast to children.

Dabur withdraws lesbian Karwa Chauth ad, apologises for hurting religious sentiments: Read their full statement

Dabur has issued an apology over the lesbian Karwa Chauth ad after it was condemned both by Hindus and the woke camp.

Netflix employees stage walkout over comedian’s joke on LGBT groups, woke celebrities support: All you need to know

Employees staged a Netflix walkout on Wednesday after Dave Chappelle made "transphobic comments" in his special "The Closer".

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