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Not so long ago, people on Twitter were shocked, bemused, angry and disgusted, all at the same time, when they were greeted by an image of circumcised male genitalia on their Twitter feed thanks to 'eminent journalist' Barkha Dutt.
In a hurry to mock Prime Minister Modi, the Congress journalist Mrinal Pande said that PM Modi instincts were to garner votes of the "Kinnars"-the transgender community.
People on Twitter were horrified at the exploitation of Desmond by his parents. The Drag Kid's parents are being accused of brainwashing him to benefit themselves financially.
Pope Francis's position with regards to homosexuality in the clergy is not new as the Roman Catholic church believes that homosexual acts are sinful.
The mainstream media, if it was indeed neutral, would have portrayed the divisions within the LGBT community accurately.
Certain minority groups have severely criticised the Supreme Court's judgement to scrap controversial Section 377.
I am not asking people to use idioms/terminologies of the West exclusively to tackle these problems
Historically speaking, India has been tolerant of homosexuality and transgenders, like all pagan cultures.
With the courts declaring that the lordships will deliver their verdict on Section 377 tomorrow, one can only hope sense prevails
While the nation awaits the court's judgement, it is safe to say that this will go down as a truly historic day in the Indian society.
An Adarsh Liberal columnist writes for an esteemed publication to uphold the principles of freedom.
Are some being "politically correct" or just being terror apologists?

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