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All you need to know: Father wins battle in Texas Court to prevent the mother from medically transforming his son into a girl

A video has now surfaced where James Younger can be seen saying that his mother told him that he is a girl and made him wear dresses and painted his nails.

Mental Health Day: The community of Mental Health Professionals need to introspect and reconsider the prevailing dogmas

The world celebrates Mental Health Day every year on the 10th of October.

This day in 2018: Malaysia saw a lesbian couple caned publicly for the first time in its history

The unnamed women, aged 22 and 32 at the time, were caned six times at a courtroom in front of family members and officials.

Not born gay: Scientific study finds there is no ‘Gay Gene’, human sexuality is a consequence of genetic and environmental factors

Genetic factors accounted for at most 25% of same-sex behaviour, the study concluded.

LGBT Rights Advocacy Group trolled by people from the LGBT community for celebrating the complete integration of JK

The LGBT community has a special reason to celebrate the abolition of the provisions. Until yesterday, homosexuality was still a criminal offence in Jammu & Kashmir since the state had a separate constitution.

‘Wax her testicles, transphobic bigot!’ Trans Activist who wants to force women to wax ‘her’ male genitalia in the dock for predatory behaviour

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender activist, has brought into the fore the inherent inconsistencies within 21st century Feminism.

Deputy CM of Bihar announces financial assistance of Rs 1.5 lakh for sex reassignment surgeries

The Bihar government has also constituted a Kinnar Kalyan Board for the development of the Transgender community.

UK Doctor sacked for ‘refusing to address a 6 ft tall bearded man as madam’

The Doctor, a devout Christian, claims that he was sacked after a dispute arose with his manager over “my refusal to make an abstract ideological pledge to call any six-feet tall bearded man 'madam' on his whim.”

The anatomy of a d*ck pic: Why its politicization ought to concern us more than politicization of Surgical Strikes

Not so long ago, people on Twitter were shocked, bemused, angry and disgusted, all at the same time, when they were greeted by an image of circumcised male genitalia on their Twitter feed thanks to 'eminent journalist' Barkha Dutt.

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