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‘Wax her testicles, transphobic bigot!’ Trans Activist who wants to force women to wax ‘her’ male genitalia in the dock for predatory behaviour

The postmodernist Left and the entire liberal political establishment had dismissed all these concerns as transphobic rants of deluded rightwingers. But everything that people feared has come to pass.

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender activist, has brought into the fore the inherent inconsistencies within 21st-century Feminism. He was born a man, claims to have transitioned to being a woman but still has male genitalia. Despite that, he wants to be treated as a woman by everyone around.

Yaniv found himself in the eye of a storm after it was revealed that he was suing 16 aestheticians, all of them female, for refusing to wax his male genitalia. According to him, the women are transphobic who were discriminating against him by refusing to extend their female-only services to him. Yaniv believes the women must be forced by the government to wax his testicles, or otherwise, he must be paid compensation. The incident is from Canada, a country where the prime minister wants to replace ‘mankind’ with ‘peoplekind’.

The reasons given by women are pretty ordinary. They are mostly immigrant women who believe it’s against their religious beliefs to touch the male private parts of someone apart from their husbands. People have also pointed out that it’s perfectly natural that the women have taken the decision considering the fact that their husbands will not be comfortable with their wives touching the genitalia of another man. That is another perfectly ordinary reason. Of course, there are women who provide this service, known as Boyzilian waxing, as opposed to more well known Brazilian waxing, but they have chosen to do so themselves and have acquired necessary training for this specialised and delicate service. The women targeted by Yaniv have said they are not trained to wax male genitalia, therefore they can’t provide this service.

There are other extremely troubling facts about Yaniv that has come to light. It has been revealed that Yaniv sent extremely disturbing texts to minor girls online which, on the face of it, does appear to be predatory behaviour. One of his alleged victims has also filed a child exploitation report with Canada’s tip line to report online exploitation of children. He was also organizing a “topless” pool party for girls aged 12+ where parents or guardians are prohibited from entering. It was further seen by people as evidence of his predatory inclinations.

As the obvious atrocious nature of the lawsuits generated public outcry, Yaniv appeared on certain shows to present his side of the story. And in doing so, he voiced extremely problematic opinions. For instance, he believes women should not be allowed to refuse to handle male genitalia just because they don’t want to, it’s not ‘fair’ according to him. He further states that the Human Rights Tribunal in Canada says that the women do not have the right to say ‘No’ because he belongs to one of the protected classes.

Yaniv even called Marcia Da Silva, a Brazillian immigrant who ran a salon from her home in Vancouver, a ‘Neo Nazi’ for refusing to wax his testicles. Da Silva was eventually forced to shut down her newly opened salon.

Alex Jones, the most banned individual in the era of big tech, invited Yaniv to Info Wars. On the show, Yaniv claimed that we should not be ‘policing’ people’s genders and if someone identified as a 12-year old girl, then the person would have been allowed entry to the pool party regardless of his actual age. Furthermore, Yaniv doesn’t appear to accept that women don’t want to surround themselves with the genitalia of strange men and thinks that they shouldn’t have a problem with that.

Thus, in short, we have a man here, who identifies as a woman, who wants to force women to wax his testicles using the government as his tool. In the past, he has sent lewd texts to minor girls and indulged in behaviour which appears to be predatory. The whole series of events involving Yaniv is a manifestation of the nightmare that every sensible person saw coming with the whole ‘Gender is a social construct’ narrative.

In any sane society, a man cross-dressing as woman forcing other natural-born women to touch his genitalia would be considered as sexual harassment and would be liable to be prosecuted, even if it was for grooming services and not for any pleasure. But in the world of woke insanity known as LGBT rights, logics have been twisted in such a way that if a man claims to be woman, the entire world has to agree, even if no sex reassignment procedures and surgeries are done. And the establishment and courts in such cultures allow such man to file serious cases of human rights violation against innocent women.

The postmodernist Left and the entire liberal political establishment had dismissed all these concerns as transphobic rants of deluded rightwingers. But everything that people feared has come to pass. And the liberal establishment is maintaining a pin-drop silence over the entire matter. Twitter, in fact, is banning people from the platform for questioning Yaniv’s conduct.

The LGBT community, too, is maintaining a strategic silence on Yaniv’s transgressions. One would have expected them to issue a statement condemning Yaniv, however, that hasn’t happened until now. Yaniv is proving every stereotype that sensible people have over this whole transgenderism fad to be true. Yet, the LGBT community doesn’t think it’s an important enough issue for them to comment on. In fact, people like Ricky Gervais, a comedian with obviously left-wing inclinations, who have come out in support of the women have been denounced as transphobic.

Only one transgender woman has commented on the matter thus far and she is someone who doesn’t identify herself with the LGBT community. According to Blaire White, Yaniv is a sexual predator who is using trans rhetoric to disguise his sexually predatory behaviour. She has also rued the fact that no prominent LGBT activist has raised his or her concern about the entire affair.

The affair perfectly captures the manner in which modern feminism fails women. Some of the women Yaniv has sued have lost their business and have been forced to shut their business. Things have reached a point where feminists no longer believe that women should have the right to refuse to touch male genitalia. Tech giants like Twitter will also have to reevaluate how they conduct their business as they have been silencing Yaniv’s critics. The manner in which society deals with this issue will have huge repercussions for the future.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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