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Dear Mahua Moitra, it’s not the Right-wing that is the same everywhere, it’s the Left

To effectively counter the Left, we need to realize that we are dealing with an organized religion

Newly elected Member of Parliament from Trinamool Congress, Mahua Moitra has become the new darling of the Left. After she waxed eloquence on rising fascism across the country, the Left heralded the rise of a new star. As is the case with most stars on the Left, Mahua, too, is an extremely problematic character.

Mahua Moitra has proven herself to be uncouth and ill-tempered with a remarkable propensity toward violence. She was accused of assaulting a female constable at the Silchar Airport and on another occasion, she showed Arnab Goswami the middle finger. While liberals ignored the former, they cheered enthusiastically when they discovered the latter and her credentials went up a couple of notches as a consequence.

Egregious behaviour, it appears, is the norm for Mahua Moitra. Yesterday, while trying to defend herself against allegations of plagiarism, was extremely rude to the media and quoted an American as saying “rightwing a**holes are the same everywhere”. Mahua Moitra has every right to defend herself, however, elected representatives are expected to conduct themselves in public than calling critics an a**hole.

The liberals will, without the shadow of a doubt, cheer for this also. After all, Liberals perpetuate a culture where indecency is the norm. And, of course, they will then pretend to be shocked when one of them turns out to be a sexual predator or a criminal. But when a culture is willing to brush every crime under the rug for political purposes, it’s not surprising then that so many of their heroes turn out to be extremely problematic characters.

However, there was something fundamentally wrong with Mahua Moitra’s defence. Anyone who is aware of politics is perfectly aware that it’s not the right-wing that is the same in every country, it’s the Left. That Mahua’s apparently favourite ideologue believes otherwise only reveals the extent to which the Left depends on projection, a psychological defence mechanism.

The Leftwing is practically indistinguishable across the world while the rightwing comes in various flavours depending on the native culture of the country in question. The rightwing can be Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist and of other religious hue but the Left, unfailingly, is always the same.

It is only to be expected since the Left is a religion in itself. It has its sets of faith-based beliefs which have very little to do with science and are not in consonance with observable reality. It has its own ‘Satan’ and angels and demons and Gods, it is replete with a clergy of its own and dedicated devotees who engage in esoteric rituals in public.

In the world of the Left, the Gods are Multiculturalism, Diversity, Feminism and LGBT rights. Conversely, Satan is, of course, homogeneous societies with a strong traditional order. The Father is the great enemy, ‘Toxic Masculinity’ is basically the extension of the concept of Father to the rest of the society.

On the issue of LGBT rights, an overwhelming majority of people on the rightwing in non-Islamic countries are tolerant of the LGBT community. However, they do not wish to engage in the celebration of it. On the other hand, mere refusal to attend and celebrate and opposition to pride parades is seen by the Left as gross homophobia. And yet, it’s not Islam that is criticized most vehemently by the Left, it’s the dominant culture in Western countries and India.

The congruence of the Left can be further elaborated by the remarkable parallels between the Indian Left and American Left. In the United States, white men are responsible for every sin under the Sun while in India, it’s Brahmin men. The American Left even has a word for Feminism that they believe does not adequately represent the concerns of the women of colour. They call it ‘White Feminism’, the Indian counterpart for it is ‘Savarna Feminism’.

In the States, the Black community is considered to be the most oppressed in the racial hierarchy. Indian Leftists have twisted the meaning and definition of the caste system to represent a racial hierarchy, despite the obvious fact that all castes belong to the same race, and Dalits are considered to be the equivalent to Blacks. Consistent with this approach, there are groups such as ‘Dalit Panthers’ along the lines of Black Panthers.

There are no parallels between the Black community in the USA and Dalits in India, the circumstances are completely different and yet, they are clubbed together. Throughout the course of history, Dalits have overwhelmingly stood by people of other castes when Hinduism was under threat. Even in 2019, the political choices of Upper Castes and Dalits were almost indistinguishable.

Plus, it’s not a race issue at all. Caste is a far more complicated issue than mere skin colour. More significantly, the basis of Indian society is not only caste, Jaati plays a just as significant role if not more. The Jaati-Varna mechanism is how Indian society is organized. To reduce it to the vulgarity of merely skin colour is preposterous and reflects the sheer intellectual laziness of the Left.

Then, there’s the gender politics as well. The Indian Left has swallowed hook, line and sinker even the worst of the American Left. The Left in India truly believes in the non-binary theory of gender. Like their American counterparts, they believe a person should be at liberty to choose their own gender. If a man says he is a woman, then he ought to be treated as a woman. Physical characteristics, biology, science does not matter.

The Left believes men can menstruate, can become pregnant, can even breastfeed babies. These are not fringe beliefs, they are quite mainstream. A Democratic Presidential Hopeful for the 2020 elections echoed these sentiments during the Primary Debates. The Congress party manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections didn’t quite take it that far but the implications of it were pretty clear.

The Left-Islamist alliance is equally prevalent in India and the West. Invariably, the Left worldwide displays its commitment towards the Muslim community by cultivating and promoting the most toxic elements within their society. The LGBT community, too, allies with Islam against the dominant culture of the land. In India, ‘Rainbow against Saffron’ placards are extremely common at pride parades. In the West, too, placards to that effect can be found. Saffron is replaced by White Supremacy or something else of a similar nature.

Rainbow against saffron placard

The Left has its own version of religious festivals where Leftists gather to celebrate their shared identity. At their core, that’s what festivals are, a celebration of a collective identity. Since the Gods they worship are different, so do their festivals. Pride Parades are the Left equivalent to religious festivals. It’s replete with chanting of slogans, dancing, loud music and all the rest that accompany traditional festivals.

The Women’s March following Donald Trump’s electoral victory shared similar elements. Quite obviously, there was no imminent threat to women’s rights. That did not prevent Leftists from organizing and marching on the streets in solidarity.

The Left has its own version of doomsday prophecy as well. Traditionally, an Apocalyptic end to the world has been a core Christian theme. The Left, secularized Christianity as it is, does not rely on Divinity to envision its own version of doomsday. For the Left, Apocalypse won’t be caused by God, it will be a consequence of Global Warming or Climate Change.

Of course, the Science on Global Warming is far from settled. Consequently, the doomsday narrative that is built around it appears ill-founded. Even the Leftist claim that 97% of scientists agree that humans are the driving force behind Climate Change is demonstrably false and particularly misleading.

Moreover, Science is not settled by consensus. It is settled by observation and facts. It doesn’t matter if 97% of scientists agree on something, it only takes one Copernicus or Einstein to prove them all wrong. The core disagreement between scientists is whether humans have been causing climate change.

No one argues that climate hasn’t been changing because it has practically been changing for as long as Earth has existed. Humans did not cause the Ice Ages or the subsequent warmings. Sure, humans may be contributing to it in the current scenario, but the extent of it is not known yet. Moreover, climate alarmists have been spectacularly wrong about their predictions regularly.

One ‘Arctic Expert’ in 2012 predicted that sea ice in the Arctic region would collapse within four years. Nothing remotely close to that has happened. In 2009, the then Prime Minister of Britain predicted that we had only 50 days to save the planet. A decade has passed since then. In 2007, UN scientists predicted that “we only had as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average temperature rise of 2°C or more.” Needless to say, it was another failed prediction. Such predictions did not start in the 2000s, it started as far back as 1989.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on June 30, 1989, that a senior environmental officer at the UN says that “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by the year 2000.” 19 years have passed since then and yet, there haven’t been consequences to that end. The alarmist predictions have been wrong consistently and yet, that hasn’t stopped Leftists from making further predictions.

Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez, the new Leftist Queen in America, argued passionately that the world will end in 12 years if climate change is not addressed. Given the track record of other such predictions, it is likely to be proven false as well but that won’t prevent Leftists from making such predictions in the future. Because such alarmist predictions are not based on reason, the basis for them is faith. And faith, as is obvious from religiosity, is remarkably persistent.

The Leftist approach to immigration in India and the West is the same as well. Immigration, illegal and otherwise, is not treated as an economic or a security issue. It’s treated as a moral issue and somehow it is conceived that the country has a moral obligation to provide resources and citizenship to anyone who knocks on the door. The threat that an unstable demography poses is ignored entirely by them.

In fact, Demographic decline of the dominant population is celebrated. It’s not surprising considering the fact that the Left treats nation-states and borders as minor inconveniences for their grand visions of a global family. And it’s only to be expected then that their loyalty toward their own country is very questionable.

Just as the Left has its Gods, it has its clergy and preachers and crusaders as well. The clergy is, of course, the Academia, especially the Humanities fields and only of a certain political dispensation. They spend their time creating new doctrines and dogma. Intersectionality and Postmodernism, the foundation structure of the Left, are the contributions of the Academia.

The preachers, of course, are the mainstream media journalists and celebrities. They feed the masses with the teachings of the clergy and make it more accessible to them. They convey the complex doctrines and dogma of the clergy to the masses in a language they would understand. The warriors are the politicians and the tech giants who institutionalize such dogma through laws and terms and conditions of their platforms. They also regularly mainstream the Left dogma through their vocal and active support toward the dogma and doctrines.

There is scope for the punishment of heretics as well. Boycotts, public denunciation, intimidation, destruction of their careers and even violence against heretics is considered perfectly acceptable. The celebration of Antifa, a bunch of violent demented psychopaths, by the establishment in America and great support for elements such as Jignesh Mevani, Kanhaiya Kumar and Hardik Patel in India is a testament to that fact. In fact, the structure of the Left as described is exactly the same in America and India. There is absolutely no difference at all.


Antifa goons attack a man in Berkeley in 2017

The iconoclasm of the Left worldwide is quite evident as well. They treat the cultural heroes of their respective countries as reflective of a past mired in debauchery and sin. Thus, the Left conspires to remove them from their pedestal and drag them through the mud because some ideas they espoused were inconsistent with modern Leftist ideals. In that, their ideas are remarkably similar to Muslims who believe the world was an abode of sin before the arrival of Prophet Muhammad.

There is remarkable consistency in the conduct of Left leaders around the world as well. They are generally uncouth, extremely rude, use expletives quite often and frequently, they are revealed to be sexual predators or criminals. They treat their political opponents with utter disdain while continuing their verbal commitment towards civility. Their actions and their words are rarely consistent if ever.

Thus, to effectively counter the Left, we need to realize that we are dealing with an organized religion. Every religion believes that it is the sole arbiter of truth, and so does the Left. The ontological positions of the Left are at complete odds with observable reality. In fact, the ontological positions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shintoism and every other polytheistic philosophy are far superior to the Left doctrine. Since the Left is a mutation of monotheism, it has all the fallacies of monotheism itself and a few more specific to its own.

The Left does not seek to win adherents through reason and debates. True to its monotheistic heritage, it seeks to capture power by any means necessary and impose its will on the masses disregarding their will. Hence, it is imperative that Hindutva approaches the Left in the same manner that it approaches other monotheistic creeds.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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