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Libya flood: UN revises death toll, says at least 3,958 persons have died, over 9000 still missing

As per the updated report, over 9000 people are still missing, according to CNN. However, the OCHA, in its previous report, said at least 11,300 people died in Derna due to devastating flooding, citing the Libyan Red Crescent figures for Saturday's report, according to CNN. 

Libya floods: Death toll in Derna reaches 11,300, over 10,000 people still missing

The death toll in Derna, a coastal city in Libya, has risen to 11,300 as search efforts continue in the wake of a catastrophic flood

Govt of India rescues four Indians from Libya, were sold to mafia 6 months ago and forced to work at construction sites

The Indian government rescued four individuals from Libya on Friday, who were sold to forced labour mafia by fake travel agents

Libya declares emergency as flash floods kill over 2000, around 10,000 reported missing

The east Libyan government's prime minister, Osama Hamad, has declared Derna a disaster zone after torrential rains and floods damaged parts of the city. In addition, the government has announced a state of emergency and discontinued schools as a precaution ahead of a storm. 

Ministry of External Affairs safely evacuates 17 Indian nationals who were held captive for several months by the mafia in Libya

Taking to X, Indian Embassy in Tunisia confirmed the details of the rescue operation and lauded the Indian Embassy to Libya for the successful repatriation.

Libya: 23 Jihadis sentenced to death, 14 to life imprisonment for their participation in an ISIS attack

A Libyan court has sentenced 23 people to death and 14 others to life imprisonment for their participation in a fatal ISIL (ISIS) campaign that included killing a group of Egyptians and capturing the city of Sirte in 2015, Al Jazeera reported. 

2.5 tonnes of missing Uranium found, had gone missing from Libya

It is believed that the Uranium might have been stolen by rebels from the neighbouring state mistaking them for ammunition

How Congress govt handled evacuation from Libya: As Congress plays politics over Ukraine crisis, here is how Indian lives were endangered

As per 2011 reports, Manmohan Singh government fell behind China and the US in evacuating Indians from Libya

Libya hosts its first-ever beauty pageant for chickens to redirect youth’s interest away from negativity and war

Libya organised a beauty pageant for chickens in its capital Tripoli to promote professional chicken breeders

From Iraq to Yemen to Libya to Kabul: Some of the toughest evacuations executed by the Modi government

In the last few years, India has been one of the countries that has been remarkably successful in executing its evacuation plans and bringing its stranded citizens back home

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