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Maharashtra will vote for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in 4 Phases. The polling dates for Maharashtra will be on April 11, 18, 23 and 29.
Central Government has informed Karnataka High Court, that recommendation to provide separate religion tag to Lingayat sect is discarded.
Congress, which impersonates to be the partisans of democracy can go to any lengths in its quest to attain power.
The Congress government headed by Siddaramaiah had recommended for a separate religion tag for 'Lingayat'
The Congress desperately tries to prove itself to be a secular, egalitarian party while taking every opportunity to stoke casteist sentiments.
The primary grounds for the challenge is that Veershaivas and Lingayats fall under the Hindu religion
Even as HD Kumaraswamy is all set to take oath as CM of Karnataka, clashes and disagreements for posts are being reported
In the relentlessly competitive sphere of Indian politics, they can expect to be taken to the cleaners.
The constitution of our country makes us a democratic country and democracy still trumps dynasty.
The caste fault lines were actively ignited by the Congress in the run up to the elections.
The state might be in for another spell of bad governance because of its fractured mandate.
What's next? Offering another partition of India?
Siddaramaiah has been caught in a video tweeted out by BJP Karnataka's twitter account
The Siddaramaiah - Rahul Gandhi duo thought they had it under control, but it doesn't seem so
PM Modi in a candid deliberation with censor board chief Prasoon Joshi
If BJP wins, it will be a big blow to Congress, If Congress wins, they retain their last bastion
The move is perceived as an attempt by Congress to cut into the Lingayat vote-base of the BJP.
The battleground Karnataka heats up ahead of state assembly elections.
Why did UPA led Congress refuse to take up the demand?
Congress is pushing more people into the 'secular' category, its core vote bank
Savarkar recognised several sects and sought to unify them under the term Hinduism
The move is seen as appeasement by the Congress to retain power in Karnataka.
Is Congress planning another caste-based political game with Manikarnika?

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