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Media outfits ‘secularise’ the brutal killing of Kanhaiya Lal after Islamists behead him over his post supporting Nupur Sharma

While the two accused Islamists have admitted guilt in the brutal murder of the Hindu man in Udaipur, mainstream media resorted to their standard practice of downplaying horrific crimes since here too too the accused are members of the minority community

Sangli mass murder: Occultist Abbas arrested for poisoning a family to death, ‘secular’ media gives a Hindu spin by calling him ‘Tantrik’

Renowned leftist media outlets like Aaj Tak, News 18, Hindustan Times and The Indian Express proceeded to give the Sangli mass suicide incident, where accused is said to be a Muslim occultist, a Hindu spin as well

Rumble gets emails from Canadian media org pressurising them to censor content like YouTube: Here is their response

Rumble is not the only platform that does not walk on the path of media giants. Gab and Parler are among those platforms that believe in letting their users decide the kind of content they want to see.

Lavanya, Hiralal, Dinesh Yadav: Three names, three grave challenges Hindus face in modern times

Hindus have been victims of not just hate crimes but also of media apathy, judicial prejudice and the left's malevolence

Why mainstream media and the Left’s campaign in favour of halal products is akin to promoting ‘soft jihad’

The media has initiated a campaign to brand critics of halal and halal certification as 'bigots'.

From ‘died in accident’ to ‘hacked to death’: How TOI reported the same news about RSS worker’s murder in different editions

Times of India reported alleged murder of RSS worker by SDFI goons in Kerala as accident in Mumbai and Tamil Nadu editions.

Child marriage of a Muslim girl reported in Malappuram, New Indian Express uses ‘Hindu’ images

The New Indian Express used misleading image for a child marriage case where a qazi was booked for performing rituals, and both the minor and the groom belonged to the 'minority community'.

Dalits are Hindus too: Here’s how Leftist media is hellbent on alienating Dalits from their Hindu identity

Media organisations have studiously weaved an insidious narrative to create an artificial distinction between Dalits and Hindus even though the former is a subset of the latter

How mainstream media continues to whitewash forced religious conversion in the name of ‘love’

That hiding one's religious identity to lure a woman into relationship and using coercion to convert people to a different faith is criminal behaviour is lost upon the 'liberals' of our mainstream media

Maharashtra: Police arrest occult practitioner ‘Baba Karim Khan Bengali’ for cheating young woman, media reports call him ‘Tantrik’

On Monday, a self-proclaimed 33-year-old occult practitioner named Baba Karim Khan Bengali was arrested by Navi Mumbai police in Maharashtra for duping a 26-year-old woman of Rs 4.57 lakh after promising her of performing "black magic" to lure her estranged lover into marrying her.

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