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Guha seems to have graduated from distorting history to creating facts
The word 'proletariat' is a shield for these Communists. Mass revolution is a mere means for them to get power for their own selfish interests.
Some of my professors have advocated for the comprehensive view that Marx takes of the society and accept that he is more of a social thinker than an economist.
The devotees are struggling to ensure the continuity of their own tradition.
When people are high on drugs, for a few moments, they might just catch a glimpse of the promised Communist utopia.
Chatterjee was expelled from CPI(M) in 2008 for not toeing the party line during no-confidence motion against UPA government
He said he has evidence that shows the 'Award wapsi' campaign was orchestrated and managed by a few with political agenda
The left-wing students' union has been controversial, to say the least.
It's time to adopt the teachings of these Dharmic traditions and stop playing the identity politics
This story is certainly not for the faint-hearted

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