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There is no difference between Leftist terrorism and Islamic Jihad, none at all

When they sit in the closed rooms, drinking alcohol and smoking weed, and molesting women, they tend to lecture about poverty and what not, however their real lives turn out to be exactly opposite.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I have nothing to do with what the so called revolutionaries like Lenin, Mao or Marx wrote, what their views were, or whatever any heavenly book in the hands of terrorists says about any religion. This is because such thoughts or the bookish conversations have no connection with the truth and the ground reality. Therefore, I am more interested in what happens in the name of someone’s ideology or some verses in some book rather than some interpretation given somewhere claiming that we are a peace loving people and that we are carrying out a proletarian revolution.

I have been witnessing the disgusting outcome of such symbols everyday, therefore I would rather put my views based on my own experiences, and the experience of my society, than going by the excuses given for the massacre carried out by Lenin and mass genocide carried out by Mao. I don’t believe the statements like “murder of one human being is the murder of humanity” written in some random chapter of a random book because these are things are meant to only to be quoted, but have nothing to do with reality.

What is Communism? It is a bloody ideology in the name of which around 12000 murders were committed in the last 20 years which included the sacrifices of around 2700 security personnel. In whose name were these murders committed? In the name of people, ordinary people, in the name of poor and destitute. Who were among the dead? Did the butchered people belong to the class of some John Travolta sort of people travelling in private jets, or some people like Johnny Depp spending their vacations on some private island?

Definitely not. Ninety percent of the people in India are either poor or extremely poor. The statistics of death are governmental, and those who died were the people who were somehow surviving with the limited resources in India. They were the same ordinary people who find a mention in the conversations of People’s War Group and People’s Liberation Army and the likes.

Murders are just a number that can be big or small, that your or I can measure but what about those 68 districts where people are forced to live under the shadow of Maoist and Naxal terror? Can that fear be measured? Can the rapes of those girls or the violence inflicted on those families be measured in numbers? Perhaps not.

The word ‘proletariat’ is a shield for these Communists. Mass revolution is a mere means for them to get power for their own selfish interests. You can keep singing praises of these leftists and drum up the ‘revolutionary’ narrative, but the fact is every Leftist leader has history of mainstreaming violence and lechery. Sexual exploitation and rape of women by feeding them rhetoric like ‘Your body is the property of Commune’ is the trademark of such ‘Kampanthis’ (perverts) cadres.

You listen to their leaders and you find out how they have used words to show people dreams and wherever they have ruled they have brought the flood of political killings. I recall a statement of a leader belonging to this ideology, he was CPM General Secretary Vijayan, who had advised his party workers to adopt the tactics of Bengali Communists of burying their opponents alive along with sacks of salt so that even their bones are not found by the police. This statement exposes the reality of the two Communist-ruled states of India. The number of political killings carried out in these states can be found by a search on Google.

Now a discussion about why I linked them with the Jihadis of ISIS. It is very easy to believe so. Both these ideologies are terrorising and violent, and taking people’s lives is justified in both. Islamists say that violence in the name of religion is justified, the illegitimate progeny of Communists, Kampanthis (perverts) and Lenin say that whoever comes in the way of revolution will be killed. Both of these receive foreign funding. Extorting money through abduction has been the principle way of procuring funds for both. Obtaining money through extortion and threats is the main way of securing funds in Naxal-hit areas in India. There is deep involvement of foreign countries in both these ways. The Central or the State government has been providing political handling and patronage to both keeping its own interests in mind.

One had the aim of bringing everyone under the rule of Khalifa (Caliph) while on the other side it is the Commune. On one side Islam, the religion and Muslim, hold better significance than their society or nation itself, on the other side the dedication for Commune is so strong that if India and China got to war, the Indian communists will be standing with China. Ideology becomes supreme and those kafirs obstructing the work of God are killed, slaughtered, riddled with bullets, gets crushed under a truck or gets blasted off by an angel of peace exploding in a market place.

On the other side, Commune becomes so paramount that these people do not think once before killing CRPF soldiers, school teachers, and those government workers who are the sole bread earners in their families and come from poor strata. When surrounded they use children as shields and even sew bombs in the corpses of their communist kaam-raids (not comrade but kaam-raids) so that their dead bodies could be blown up to sacrifice few more soldiers coming from poor families in the name of Communism.

Both these ideologies survive on fear and terror. The Muslim to whom they sell the dreams of progress leads the worst life in these areas and basic amenities still elude those villagers ‘ruled’ by Naxals. The fact is, if basic facilities like roads, schools, hospitals reached villagers then the purposes of the lives of these terrorists, communist vultures will be over. Because, when they sit in the closed rooms, drinking alcohol and smoking weed, they tend to lecture about poverty and what not. However, their real lives turn out to be exactly opposite.

Both these ideologies walk under the flags stained with the blood of the poor, the innocent and the weak. The proponents of both these ideologies might speak of rejecting intoxication but they use these intoxicated terrorists use this opium to recruit people. Intoxication is not only caused by narcotic substances, but it can also be caused by ideas, ideas like bringing the whole world under the flag of Islam or the ideas of dreaming of a day when the whole world would lie under the feet of the proletariat.

When or where did a leader gift the world to the proletariat? The so-called guards of Islamic values rape women at night and preach them to wear burkas in the day to avoid the gaze of men. Similarly, on one hand, these Kampanthis ridiculously talk about democratic values but on the other hand, they do not hesitate in burying their enemies alive, chopping them in the middle of the road or even in misusing the state machinery to make hundreds of people disappear. Their young progeny, Kanhaiya, who was accused of flashing his genitals in public, reportedly unleashed his goons on people who showed him black flags in Korai village, Begusarai who beat up and barged into people’s houses and assaulted them.

Therefore, let’s talk about the ground reality. What is actually happening must be discussed. We must also remember how the entire nations and the leaders influenced by Marx’s vision of society have become dictators. If Islam is the religion of peace, then why is silent over the killings of people in its name?

So, tell me why should I go by what is written in a book or the Communist Manifesto? A lot of things were written in our books as well, which were set ablaze with the fire of Islamic terror. Although, JNU is claimed to be a place of education and freedom pervades but ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ is what comes out of it.

Then what difference remains between the Communist way of eliminating their opponents from power and the ISIS’ goal of establishing Caliphate? Both are bloodied ideologies. Why should I get an orgasm admiring their manifesto and how incredible Marx’s beard looks! For me, the red colour in the flag symbolises the colour of mass genocide of crores of people who were sacrificed for Communism, Leninism and Kampanthi ideology.

Therefore, when I say that such revolutions are not relevant anymore, I mean to say that the trend of Czars and kings is gone from the world. Now the poor elect their leaders through voting. Now it is some political party that provides a roof over the head of the proletariat, provides them basic amenities like cooking gas, electricity, hospital and school.

Is the scheme like Ayushman Bharat not for the poor? Are the schemes meant for poor people not for the backward classes? Are the electricity bulbs hanging in households, not for the disadvantaged? Will toilet facilities and the cleaning of river Ganga not benefit the poor? Do millions of homes not belong to those who are destitute?

Then who are these libidinous kaam-raids (comrades) who are going to benefit by making terrorists like Lenin and Mao their ideals? Every party is talking about the backward. Congress is also talking about eliminating poverty, BJP is also spending an amount of Rs 1,08,000 every year per person for providing subsidies or schemes to the poor. Kejriwal, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Lalu, Naidu, Mamata, Kumaraswamy, Yogi and Modi, everyone is talking about the poor.

Then, what poor are these Communists planning of giving power to? The picture is clear, they are all thieves whose aim is something else. History knows about which Communist or Socialist has actually empowered the destitute. When a ‘backward’ like Lalu came to power, he not only did the biggest scam of his times but also deliberately deprived the people of education.

This is why they hide in forests conspiring to break the country, to destabilise the governments and acting like a support system for different kind terrorists. Their life’s purpose has been limited to stopping a few villagers from voting and laugh like chirkuts (no parallel in English) at this stupid feat. In the coming five years, these lice will be combed out of forests and thus the last nails will be hammered in the coffin of their ideology. Only the right government was needed, that can call a terrorist by its name, and does not downplay by referring to them as Communists, extremists and militants.

Such a government came and they shrank, when the same government will come again, there is no need to say where these Lal Salaams will go.

This article is a translation of this Hindi article. The translation has been done by Aditi Singh.

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