Monday, January 17, 2022


media bias

‘Please be responsible’: Bharat Biotech ‘fact-checks’ TOI, Wire and others who have spread lies against Covaxin

Bharat Biotech has shared a list of media outlets who have spread false information against Covaxin in the last few days.

Newslaundry hides facts to whitewash Kerala-based ‘journalist’ Siddique Kappan’s PFI links, misquotes Indus Scrolls founder: Full details

Indus Scrolls has accused Newslaundry 'journalist' of misquoting him in her quest to whitewash PFI link of Siddique Kappan

Mukesh Ambani and family not moving to London: Reliance rubbishes media reports based on which trolls targeted Modi govt

Reliance issued a statement rubbishing media report which claimed that Mukesh Ambani and family were moving to London

BBC follows ‘standards’ set by propaganda website The Wire, solicits applications based on caste and religion

BBC has posted a 'job opening' for aspiring journalists, however, their definition of the 'ideal candidate' is based on caste and religion

The COVID-19 crisis in the USA: How the Western Media and the likes of Barkha Dutt brushed it under the rug while maligning India

While the US sees a fresh spike in Covid-19 cases mostly due to the delta variant, the liberal media both in US and India remain silent on it

Western media that predicted doomsday scenario for India over Covid-19, chooses silence over worsening situation in the USA

Despite the high number of Covid-19 cases in the United States, the US media outlets seem to have found no courage at all to question the authorities over their failure to manage the pandemic in the country.

Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting provides official recognition to the self-regulatory body of NBF

Over 50 channels had formed the National Broadcaster’s Federation (NBF) in 2019 to challenge the hegemony of NBA

The four phases of global media coverage of India’s vaccination program

As India crosses record breaking numbers in coronavirus vaccination, here is how the global media coverage on the same has panned out.

Journalist Vikram Chandra slammed for suggesting Indian Govt should seek Taliban’s ‘apology’ for the brutal murder of Danish Siddiqui

Netizens tried to educate Vikram Chandra by explaining that Taliban is a terrorist organisation not a NGO whom India could ask to apologise

Hindustan Times tries to whitewash the Batla house encounter convicted terrorist Ariz Khan, quietly deletes post after being caught

Be it the Pulwama or the Batla House encounter convict, Hindustan Times has dedicated its efforts towards humanizing these terrorists

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