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media bias

USA: Public-funded NPR suspends veteran editor Uri Berliner after he writes about media outlet’s political bias, editor resigns

Uri Berliner worked for NPR for 25 years. In an essay, he expalined how NPR has become overtly liberal biased over the years, to the point of neglecting genuine stories and fanning unfounded political allegations.

Rajdeep Sardesai says ‘States being penalised for better demographic, economic performance’: How he is wrong and made a fool of himself again

After receiving a lashing over his hypocrisy (yet again) yesterday, Rajdeep Sardesai woke up to a fresh day wanting to receive the same kind of lashing again.

Muslims oppose last rites of Shrikant Paswan in Darbhanga: Media starts working overtime to hide the religious identity of the perpetrators

Darbhanga district in Bihar was gripped by communal clashes after some members of the Muslim community created a ruckus and impeded the last rites of a Hindu villager named Shrikant Paswan

Sound of Freedom: Read how the Leftist media lobby in the West is trying to dismiss and defame a movie on child sex trafficking

Sound of Freedom has been a target of criticism and scrutiny by the leftist media which has accused actor Jim Caviezel of having ties with the QAnon. Despite the lobby, the movie has been a great success.

As Gujarat Samachar copies OpIndia report except for the exclusive identity of Muslim culprit, know how mainstream media shields Islamists and crimes committed by...

Gujarat Samachar copied OpIndia report of a man who reverted to Hinduism after converting to Islam, but didn't mention Muslim or Islam in the report

Media gives casteist spin to an argument over cutting off a tree, tries to pit Dalits vs upper castes: Here’s the truth

Several leftist media outlets and politicians used the Etah incident to spread caste hatred by spreading fake news pitting Dalit versus upper castes.

Indian Express faux pass: Forgets to remove editorial note to call Khalistanis as ‘militants’, not terrorists

The current version of the Indian Express report mentions Khanda as a 'well-known pro-Khalistan activist'.

Instagram uses unrelated fact-check from Boom Live to claim Azad Maidan riots where a Muslim youth kicked Amar Jawan Jyoti is fake news

Instagram, like other Meta-owned platforms, has once again demonstrated a clear bias towards left-liberals and Islamists

Forbes speculates that Adani bought his own now-withdrawn FPO, calls it “evidence” of wrongdoing

Forbes report claims there is evidence to show Adani group likely bought into its own FPO but does not provide any such 'evidence'

Portal uses wrong translation of PM Modi’s Gujarati comment to accuse him of misogyny, netizens expose their lies

A portal named South Asian Journal used an old interview and used wrong translation from Gujarati to claim he mad anti-women comments

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