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Saurabh Dwivedi of Lallantop lies about reaching out to Nupur Sharma, hides his cowardice with lies and chicanery: Here is the truth

Saurabh Dwivedi of the Lallantop lies and spins of web to justify his cowardice about Nupur Sharma

Balbir Singh, first ‘Karsevak’ to attack Babri dome converted to Islam to atone for demolition: Karsevaks dispel long-running lie of Islamist-leftist media

For years, several Islamists and the leftist-liberal ecosystem have been peddling a story around Balbir Singh which is that he suffered the worst bout of paranoia for his contribution towards the demolition of the Babri structure and seemingly converted to Islam

Favouritism, allowing harassment of women at the workplace, exploitation: How Left ecosystem shielded author of the book on Rahul Gandhi

Dayashankar Mishra, an author who wrote a book on Rahul Gandhi, has been accused of favouritism, sexual abuse, and exploitation.

Delhi HC voices ‘unease’ over impending closure of Gargi College harassment case, evidence gathered by police did not corroborate the allegations

On February 6, 2020, students of all-women Gargi College alleged that they were subjected to molestation and sexual harassment at the college campus but no conclusive evidence has been found in these many years

Nuh violence: People using me, never said nothing happened, just that I didn’t see: Nalhar temple priest whose statement was misused by leftists to...

The typical coterie of leftist liberals and Islamists are now using a half-unfinished statement of the priest of the Nalhar Temple to whitewash the Islamist attack in Nuh

Media starts its usual trope to shield Islamists, talks about Hindus being saved by Muslims while they were under attack by a Muslim mob...

The Muslim family provided the Hindus also with some Muslim-looking clothes. The woman cop was given a burqa and the father-son duo were provided with some T-shirts which had Muslim symbols imprinted on them.

Fact Check: Did Morari Bapu say Modi Govt failed? Unravelling misreporting and his actual statements

Media twists comment of Morari Bapu to claim that he said Modi government has failed

As Gujarat Samachar copies OpIndia report except for the exclusive identity of Muslim culprit, know how mainstream media shields Islamists and crimes committed by...

Gujarat Samachar copied OpIndia report of a man who reverted to Hinduism after converting to Islam, but didn't mention Muslim or Islam in the report

Media gives casteist spin to an argument over cutting off a tree, tries to pit Dalits vs upper castes: Here’s the truth

Several leftist media outlets and politicians used the Etah incident to spread caste hatred by spreading fake news pitting Dalit versus upper castes.

Gujarat: ‘The attack on 2 persons from Nagaland not a hate crime but business rivalry’, says Ahmedabad police, assures strict action

Mainstream media peddled that the people from Nagaland were attacked in Gujarat because they were outsiders. In fact, it was a case of business rivalry.

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