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media lies

‘How is Bajrang Bali’s slogan communal’: Gorakshak Mohammad Faiz Khan gives befitting answers to News 24 journalist

Mohammad Faiz Khan said, "I can chant the whole Hanuman Chalisa. I am from Raipur in Chhattisgarh."

‘Hindutva Watch’ and assorted Islamists claim ‘Hindu mob’ thrashed Muslim youth, Ghaziabad police bust their lies, here is what happened

Hindutva Watch shared a video with claims that a "Hindu mob" led by Hindu religious leader Aastha Maa thrashed and shaved the head of a Muslim boy Shahrukh on suspicion of theft.

Portal uses wrong translation of PM Modi’s Gujarati comment to accuse him of misogyny, netizens expose their lies

A portal named South Asian Journal used an old interview and used wrong translation from Gujarati to claim he mad anti-women comments

Indian media spreads fake news that Indian Rupee was the worst-performing Asian currency in 2022, here is the truth

Indian media houses spread fake news claiming that Indian Rupee has ended the year as the worst-performing Asian currency

From fake ‘Nobel nominations’, to fake news spread by ‘fact-checkers, Hinduphobic lies by western profs, media lies: Top 20 OpIndia fact-checks of 2022

OpIndia tried its best to bust as many lies as we possibly could. Here are top 20 fact-checks done by OpIndia in the year 2022, in no particular order.

Mainstream media spins report to claim Dalit man thrashed by ‘upper caste’ youths for ‘accidentally touching food’ in UP: Here is the truth

Mainstream media spins a fight over food, triggered by an old dispute in Uttar Pradesh's Gonda dicsrict into a case of 'casteism and untouchability'

ISIS terrorist Abu Khaled al-Cambodi charged in Australia after extradition from Turkey, media uses his earlier name Neil Prakash to mislead readers

Neil Prakash became Abu Khaled al-Cambodi after converting to Islam and before joining ISIS, but media refuses to use his Muslim name

When Siddharth Varadarajan, as Editor of The Hindu, watered down the Godhra train burning incident and peddled propaganda

As The Wire is in the crosshairs over its shoddy hit-job against Meta, it is worth revisiting lies peddled by Siddharth Varadarajan about the 2002 Gujarat train burning incident.

No separate charge or GST on using washrooms of Executive Lounges at railway stations: IRCTC issues clarification after misleading media reports

IRCTC clarifies that Rs 200 plus 12% GST is standard charge for Executive Lounges at railways stations, and no separate charge for urinals

The Hindu wilfully misrepresents what Kishan Reddy said about #HarGharTiranga program to insert China, KTR furthers the propaganda

On August 1st, 2022, The Hindu published a report with a headline – “Kishan Reddy defends flag import”.

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