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“Parsis living happily in India shows Indian society does not discriminate against any religious minority”: PM Modi on future of Muslims in India

In an interview with Financial Times, PM Narendra Modi talked about India's unity and tolerance of various religious communities with no discrimination

Pakistan: Christian couple arrested for ‘blasphemy’ in Lahore, less than a month after Jaranwala hate crimes shocked the world

The North Cantonment police registered a blasphemy case against the woman, identified as Kiran and her husband Shaukat Masih for their alleged involvement in desecrating the holy scripture. The case was filed under Section 295-b of the Pakistan Penal Code. 

After meeting anti-India EU parliamentarians, Rahul Gandhi pulls out ‘minorities under attack’ card even as his allies call for the eradication of Hinduism

Rahul Gandhi recently defamed India during his abroad visit even as New Delhi prepares to host the maiden G20 Summit.

Afghanistan: Sikh woman says she is forced to wear Burqa, look Muslim, so she cannot be identified as ‘Sikh’, hasn’t celebrated festivals since Taliban...

Many of them were forced to flee Afghanistan because of the Taliban's strict restrictions which include their appearance and the prohibition on celebrating their religious holidays in public.

US State Dept criticises India on religious freedom using dubious data fed by Christian evangelists and radical Islamist groups. Read Details

The Christian evangelist organisations, which fed their data to the US State Department, also misled people by counting cases of child sexual abuse by pastors as atrocities on the community.

Adana massacre of 1909: Long before the 1915 genocide of Armenian Christians, Ottomans had massacred thousands, over a mere rumour

Years before 1915, a tragic event in Adana in April 1909 displays how the Ottoman Empire was prejudiced against the Christians under their rule and how an entire population was branded the enemy of the state, and subjected to tragic, horrific murder on an enormous scale.

“Minorities, please pray to Allah to finish off Ram Navami rioters’: Mamata Banerjee resorts to dog-whistling, alleges Hindus deliberately entered Muslim areas with guns...

"Can't my brothers and sisters from the minority community pray to Allah to finish off these rioters," Mamata Banerjee was heard as saying.

Here is how much has been allocated to the Ministry of Minority Affairs in Budget 2023: Why it may disappoint the Left

The Centre allocated Rs 3,097 crore to the Minorities Ministry, up by Rs 484.94 crore from the previous year's revised estimates.

Owaisi wants a hijab-clad woman as PM of India, but does not have a single woman in senior leadership role in his own party

Interestingly, Owaisi’s own party All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) does not have a single woman in a top leadership position, with or without Hijab.

Pakistan mosque refuses to make an announcement to trace missing girl Dua Zehra as she has a ‘Shia name’

A mosque in Pakistan's Karachi has refused to make an announcement for a missing 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra because of her Shia name.

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