Wednesday, May 18, 2022


mohammed zubair

AltNews cofounder calls ‘Trishul Deeksha’ ceremony of Bajrang Dal as ‘arms training camp’, joins Islamists in fearmongering

Mohammed Zubair went on to retweet Islamists like Irena Akbar who called the Trishul Deeksha ceremony a terrorist training camp.

Muslim man beats up his sister for falling in love and eloping, Alt News cofounder ‘fact-checks’ that video is old and ‘not from America’

Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of 'fact-checking' website AltNews, on Thursday 'fact-checked' a viral video where a Muslim man can be seen beating up a woman.

Silence of the Ecosystem: How ‘fact-checkers’ kept mum over fake claims that Hrithik Roshan contributed to the fund they promoted

The ecosystem which sought money to help the 'victims' of action against encroachments, conveniently let the rumour of Hrithik Roshan contributing the money do rounds on social media.

As Hindus get killed in Kashmir, AltNews declares threat letter to “kafirs” as fake: From ‘no signature’ to ‘misspellings’

AltNews, which regularly spreads fake news in the garb of "fact-checking" and shields Islamists professionally, published a "fact-check" claiming that the threat letter was a fake one

Propaganda website AltNews makes a false claim that Kejriwal didn’t downplay atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus

In an attempt to whitewash Kejriwal denying the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus depicted in the film The Kashmir Files, AltNews has repeated its record of whitewashing Islamic terrorism.

‘Ch*tiyapanti ki bhi hadd hoti hai,’ Sherlyn Chopra gives a befitting reply to ‘fact-checker’ Mohd Zubair on his Holi Gyan

When Md Zubair said that earlier Sherlyn Chopra herself had asked people to save water on Holi, she said she is no longer 'woke'

AltNews co-founder and Islamists applaud suspension of Twitter account that was exposing anti-Hindu remarks made by Vision IAS

Twitter has suspended Wokeflix account that was actively exposing the anti-Hindu remarks made by teachers in Vision IAS coaching institute.

‘Fact-checking’ site Alt News co-founder Md Zubair spreads fake news to defend Samajwadi Party, deliberately mixes up district with assembly constituency

Mohammed Zubair wrongly alleged that BJP also used Allahabad for Prayagraj district after SP had done the same

Alt News whitewashes Muslim man ‘spitting on food’ in viral video, makes bizarre argument in defense: Details

Mohammed Zubair of Alt News tried to pass of the video shared by the Twitter user (@erbmjha) as old footage, dating back to 2018.

Vulture politics and propaganda: Usual suspects descend to Lakhimpur Kheri after ‘protesting farmers’ attack BJP workers killing 8

In Lakhimpur Kheri incident, since at least 4 BJP workers were also killed in the violence which was sparked after the convoy was attacked by protesting 'farmers', it might be just a matter of time before the politicians return back to the comfort of their air conditioned homes. Or take off to Shimla for another vacation.

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