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moral policing

Remove your burqa: Jakir harasses Muslim woman for travelling with Hindu man in Bengaluru, arrested after video goes viral

Jakir Ahamad, a medicine student in Russia, was booked under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and sent to judicial custody.

Muzzafarnagar: Burqa-clad women harassed and given death threats for purchasing alcohol and defaming Muslims

A Muslim woman in the Muzzafarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh could be seen being harassed by Muslim community members for purchasing alcohol from a licensed shop

Muslim mob assault Hindu man for giving a lift to Muslim classmate only a day after 3 cases of Hindu women being brutalised, brainwashed...

Another disconcerting case of moral policing by rabid Islamists has been reported from the Bhadravathi area in Shivamogga, Karnataka

10 more cases of attacks on Hindu-Muslim couples by Islamists under the imaginary ‘Bhagwa love trap’ as the bigotry takes root across India

Several dozen videos have surfaced on social media wherein a mob of Islamists are seen harassing, abusing and assaulting Hindu-Muslim couples under the pretext of combating 'Bhagwa Love trap.'

Moral policing, physical assaults and molestation in the name of imaginary ‘Bhagwa love trap’: Multiple cases where Islamists attack Hindu-Muslim couples

Multiple videos have now come to light where rabid Islamist mobs are seen openly harassing, abusing and manhandling inter-faith couples.

Muslim mob attacks one Mohammed Imtiyaz and his girlfriend for coming to watch Kantara movie together

Mohammed Imtiyaz (20) and his 18-year-old girl friend were beaten in front of a theatre in Karnataka by a Muslim mob.

Iran: Women burn hijab, cut their hair to protest against the killing of Mahsa Amini

Mahsa Amini succumbed to the injuries sustained during the assault while receiving treatment in the hospital on September 16.

Moral policing in Kerala: At one place boys and girls thrashed for sitting together on a single bench, at another, bench cut to stop...

Many incidents of moral policing have been reported over the week in Kerala where students were harassed for sitting together.

Pakistani universities rename Valentine’s Day as ‘Haya Day’, mandate fine for interaction between male and female students

In Pakistan, Valentine's Day is observed as 'Haya Day', universities ask male and female students to maintain specified physical distance.

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