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Morocco earthquake death toll crosses 2,000 as rescue operation continues

The earthquake’s most severe impact, as reported by the Interior Ministry of Morocco, has been on older settlements located beyond the city limits.

Morocco: Over 600 dead after an earthquake measuring 6.8 on Richter Scale hit the country, many others missing

According to data from the US Geological Survey, the earthquake's epicentre was situated 71 kilometres southwest of the renowned tourist destination Marrakesh in Morocco.

BBC forced to issue apology after its reporter asks Morocco women’s football team captain if there are lesbians in the team

BBC apologizes for its reporter’s ‘inappropriate’ question to Morocco women’s team captain at FIFA world cup

FIFA 2022: Moroccon fans go on rampage as France celebrates victory in FIFA semi-finals, 14-year-old part of group attempting to bring down French flag...

14-year-old Moroccan boy killed during riots that broke in France after Morocco got defeated in FIFA semi-finals

Moroccan fans riot on the streets of Belgium and the Netherlands as Morocco defeats Belgium in their World Cup encounter

Morocco's win over Belgium in FIFA World Cup match ended up triggering riots by Moroccan fans in Brussels and neighbouring Netherlands.

Qatar 2022: World Cup of upsets continues as Morocco stuns Belgium and defeats them 2-0

Morocco is now on top of the table in Group F, and a positive result against Canada in their last group game will be enough to push them to the next stage of the competition

Morocco court sentences 23-year-old woman for three and a half years for insulting Quran, Islam

The lady reportedly distorted Surat Al Kawthar from the Quran, changing its name to something that was allegedly provocative.

1969 : When India formally applied to be part of the Muslim world

How do you like your Indian secularism now? Feels great, doesn’t it?

HuffPost is happy to believe in ancient aeroplanes as long as you say that a Muslim invented them

Huffpost India and Huffpost Maghreb slightly differ when it comes to their outlook of science

ISIS Jihadi gave his wife a ‘suicide belt’ as a wedding gift

Not the gift one is usually looking for

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