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Big scam of Ecosystem to not bring out ‘Evils’ of Congress Manifesto: PM Modi says he was forced to bring out the truth as...

PM Modi emphasised that he waited for 10 days for the media to point out the “evils” of the Congress manifesto. He added that the media should have analysed it in an unbiased manner rather than repeating what Congress presented before them. 

30,000 illegal Bangladeshi migrants were brought and settled in Moradabad prior to the 1980 riots, Congress govt remained indifferent: Eyewitness reveals

One of the eyewitnesses to the 1980 Moradabad Riots, asserted that the violence was an obvious consequence of the vote bank and Muslim appeasement politics the then Congress government, both in the state and the centre, had been practising

Moradabad Riots: Police official dragged and killed, Hindu woman burnt alive, eyewitness narrates how Muslim mob unleashed unprovoked attacks

Dayanand Gupta, one of the eyewitnesses of the 1980 Moradabad Riots, testified how during the violence the Muslim mob launched an unprovoked attack on the police officials and the members of the Valmiki Dalit community

‘Pakistan banayenge’: 1980 Moradabad Riots report busts ‘pigs let loose during namaz’ lie, witness details Muslim League, Congress orchestrating riots

The UP government recently tabled the inquiry report into the 1980 Moradabad riots that killed at least 83 people and left 112 others injured which revealed that Muslim League leaders had orchestrated the riots

‘Victory over Kafirs’: Read about Islamic leaflets spread before Direct Action Day, the treachery of MK Gandhi and a forced apology by HS Suhrawardy

This documentation of the less-known facts about direct action day and the way it still persists is an attempt to keep the sufferers informed about the causes and effects of the wounds they have sustained; because it is the only way they shall find a way to not let it happen ever again.

Direct Action Day: The declared and undeclared agenda of the Hindu massacre and how Islamists are implementing it even today – From Sharjeel Imam...

Thoughts similar to the declared and undeclared agenda of the Direct Action Day are expressed by certain Muslim leaders and organizations in contemporary India. Sharjeel Imam and Popular Front of India are prime examples.

Direct Action Day, 1946: Read about the political developments that led to the ‘Great Calcutta Killings’ and how ‘Tukde Tukge Gang’ is carrying that...

In this article, we will take a look at the political developments that formed the background of Direct Action Day. Notably, it was not a single day of violence, but it lasted for 3 to 4 days when innocent Hindus in Kolkata were mercilessly butchered by the Muslims.

Yogi govt tables report on 1980 Moradabad riots which indicted Muslim League leaders and Congress CM VP Singh for the violence

Uttar Pradesh government has tabled an inquiry report into the 1980 Moradabad riots that saw the death of at least 83 people and left 112 others injured in the UP Assembly

Rahul Gandhi says Muslim League, an off-shoot of Jinnah’s party, is ‘completely secular’: Here is what he said, the brief history of IUML and...

Rahul Gandhi in Washington said that the Muslim League, which played a vital role in partition of India on religious lines, was "completely secular".

‘Sare Jahan Se Achcha’ fame and ‘liberal’ hero Iqbal seeded two-nation theory in the presidential address on December 29, 1930: Read details

Muhammed Iqbal, one of the most significant proponents of the two-nation theory and the creation of Pakistan in the first half of the 20th century.

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