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Muslim League

Kerala: Missing doctor from Kasargod found dead after Muslim League leaders had threatened him in his clinic, Hindu groups demand strict action

According to a report by Organiser, the doctor had received threats from leaders of the Muslim League and some other locals to extend support to another dental hospital recently opened in town. The doctor had also received extortion threats and was forced to shut his clinic or face threatening consequences, as per the report.

Did you know: Muslim League politician who fought for separate Pakistan was a speaker in Indian assembly the night Nehru delivered his “tryst with...

Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman, a Muslim League politician who fought for the division of India, the creation of a separate Pakistan, and indeed moved to Pakistan after partition where he became the first president of Muslim League (Pakistan).

Kerala: Congress leader prevents hoisting of Indian Union Muslim League flag at UDF event, asks League leader to hoist it in Pakistan

Congress leader Sanalkumar prevented Indian Union Muslim League leader Nazeer to hoist the IUML flag at a UDF event in Kerala

Pakistan: Opposition lawmakers in Punjab hold assembly session in a hotel and ‘elect’ new CM after the assembly was sealed with barbed wires

Pakistan: Opposition parties of Punjab led by PML-Nawaz held an assembly session at a hotel to elect a new CM

While Shashi Tharoor pushes for reform in top leadership, Congress ally Muslim League considers switching to the LDF camp after poll debacle: How Congress...

Congress is on the brink of losing national relevance after being wiped out in all five states in the recently concluded 2022 Assembly elections.

MP ex-cop removed from WhatsApp group by DGP for saying those who voted for Muslim League stayed back in India: Why he was right

A retired top cop was recently removed from the Whatsapp group of MP State IPS officers for hurting Muslim sentiments

‘Even prostitutes have opinions’: IUML dissolves women wing after they refused to retract sexual harassment complaint, were called ‘infertile’

The women members of Haritha have, in turn, threatened to move the court after the parent organisation IUML dissolved the state committee

Kerala: Muslim League MLA threatened over anti-Taliban Facebook post, warned of Prof TJ Joseph like fate if not deleted in 24 hours

MK Muneer, however, has said that he will not take down Facebook post and will not compromise his stand against terrorism and extremism.

Remembering June 3 – The day when Indian National Congress lost large swathes of land to Pakistan

Under this Plan, the British would immediately transfer power to two successor authorities — the Congress and the Muslim League and the plan envisaged dividing India into two dominions on a territorial-cum-communal basis. The idea of Mountbatten was to divide India but to retain maximum unity.

West Bengal- The Israel for Hindu Bengalis? Its time to redeem the pledge on the day Bengal was partitioned

For Bengali Hindus, West Bengal is last stand & need to be protected at all costs or be permanently stateless like Sindhis & Kashmiri Pandits.

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