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‘No community deserves reservation more than Muslims’: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind to move court against Karnataka govt scrapping 4% OBC Muslim reservation 

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind chief Maulana Madani to move Court against Karnataka govt scrapping 4% OBC Muslim reservation

China forbids Uyghur Muslims from fasting during Ramzan, implement monitoring system to keep a check

Uyghur Muslims have been identified by Beijing as a "threat to be solved through forced assimilation".

“Allah ke ghar gayi, wahan bhi adhi nangi”: Muslim Instagram users attack actress Hina Khan with filthy comments over her attire

Even though Khan was seen wearing salwar kurta and a hijab, the Insta users posted hateful comments, calling her outfit immodest and unIslamic.

‘Whose tomb it is? A fish?’: Raj Thackeray shares video of ‘illegal dargah’ in Mahim Bay in Mumbai, threatens to build Ganpati temple there...

Raj Thackeray warned that he would erect a Ganpati temple next to a 'illegal Dargah' in Mahim Bay if it is not demolished within a month.

British Muslim man found guilty of terrorism, was found making bombs

According to the statement, the culprit was identified as Asad Bhatti of Holland Close, Redhill was arrested on the charges in January 2021, and a search was carried out at an address in Redhill.

Swara Bhaskar, husband Farhad get attacked by Muslim users who do not approve of the interfaith marriage on Haldi pics

Swara Bhasker's wedding with Fahad Ahmed was filed with the court on 6th January 2023 under the special marriage act.

Uttar Pradesh: Hitting a buffalo with a stick leads to stone pelting, clash between Hindus and Muslims in Sambhal, 22 arrested

On Saturday, a heated altercation about striking a buffalo with a stick broke out in Sambhal area of Uttar Pradesh, sparking stone-throwing from Muslim and Hindu groups

‘Journalist’ who was part of anti-Modi BBC documentary objects to Sudarshan TV using the word ‘mulla’, TV ‘corrects’ it to ‘kathmulla’

Mulla, which means a Muslim teacher teacher, was assumed to be a slur by The Wire journalist Alishan Jafri and various other Muslim celebrities as well as politicians.

Social media message claims 64% of newly appointed government doctors in Assam are Muslims, here is the fact

An order for change of posting was used to claim that 64% of newly appointed govt doctors in Assam are Muslims

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