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Muslim population explosion in Assam: Increase of voters in 40 minority-dominated constituencies in 10 years ranges from 30% to 55%

An analysis of voter numbers in 40 Muslim dominated constituencies in Assam shows high growth of voters in those constituencies in last 10 years

Uttar Pradesh: Upset over ‘court marriage’, dowry and ‘second marriage’, woman burnt alive by in-laws, husband Ateeq on the run

A complaint of dowry and murder has been registered against Faheem's husband Ateeq and his father Rafeeq, mother Nasreen, brothers Suhain, Shahbaz, Adil and sisters Shabana and Afsana.

Morocco court sentences 23-year-old woman for three and a half years for insulting Quran, Islam

The lady reportedly distorted Surat Al Kawthar from the Quran, changing its name to something that was allegedly provocative.

Madhya Pradesh: Abrar Khan, who used to work in Oman, arrested for referring to his village as ‘Mini-Pakistan’ on Facebook

Madhya Pradesh police have arrested a man from Gurh area of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, for referring to his village as 'mini Pakistan'

‘We weren’t happy with his relationship with Sikh girl’: Sister of accused in J&K abduction and conversion to Islam row says

Shahid Nazir Bhat, the man accused of abducting and converting Manmeet Kaur, Sikh girl from Kashmir, is a divorcee with a six year old child.

2020 Bengaluru riots case: NIA arrests key conspirator SDPI leader Syed Abbas

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has nabbed a 38-year-old accused Syed Abbas for his involvement in the Bengaluru riots.

74% Indian Muslims prefer Sharia over Indian laws: Pew Research

Interfaith marriages find strongest opposition among the Muslim community as per the research. 80% Muslims do not want their women to marry non-Muslim men, while 76% do not want men to marry non-Muslim women.

BJP leader requests Muslim religious bodies to recite Azaan in Indian languages instead of Arabic, so everyone understands the message

BJP leader urges govt and Muslim clerics to ensure that Azaan is recited in Indian languages instead of Arabic so everyone understands the message.

Infighting within Akali over conversion of Sikh women to Islam: Sarna apologises to Kashmiri Muslims for Sirsa’s comments, says issue settled

Paramjit Singh Sarna has apologised to the Kashmiri Muslim community over comments made by colleague Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

Massive endorsement of anti-Grooming Jihad laws: Here are the takeaways from the Kashmir controversy and how Khalistanis swallowed a bitter pill

The conversion of Sikh girls to Islam in Kashmir has unquestionable daunted the 'Sikh-Muslim unity' project.

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