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Namaaz row

Video of Muslim men offering namaz in public in Junagadh’s Uparkot goes viral, police launches probe

A video of 8 Muslim men offering namaz in the historic Uparkot of Junagadh has gone viral, sparking outrage and protests.

Mamata Banerjee’s close ceric Pirzada Toha Siddiqui holds Iftar feast on a road, Muslim netizens slam him calling it drama and hypocrisy

Toha Siddiqui, the Pirzada of Furfura Sharif in West Bengal, took his iftar meal on a road while returning home from somewhere

Mathura: Case filed against Faisal Khan and Mohammed Chand for doing Namaz inside Krishna temple

Hindu rights groups have asked whether Masjids would similarly permit Arti, and Bhajans inside Mosques.

Noida Namaz row is not about discrimination but controlling law and order when 100s gather

As per the ground report by Swarajya, the weekly Namaz at the sector 58 park in Noida was an elaborate affair with arrangements made for water tankers, chairs, carpets and loudspeaker.

Namaz in parks: How can Muslims be entitled to public property if Hindu temples are not allowed even private property?

Indian secularism gives Muslim community the rights to public property but does not allow the Hindu community to even have private property

The art of peddling a communal, anti Hindu agenda armed with fake credentials of Atheism

In her earlier articles, she appears confused between her atheism and her affection with her surname

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