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CPI (Maoist) expels former central committee member Kobad Ghandy for leaning toward spiritualism and criticising Marxism

Kobad Ghandy has been accused of espousing the path of spiritualism and denouncing Marxism as having no good values

West Bengal Elections: BJP wins Naxalbari where the Maoist movement began

In Naxalbari, which gave rise to the Maoist movement, the BJP has won comfortably with a margin of over 70,000 votes.

When China moved away from Mao, Varavara Rao wanted to keep that flag flying high: Here is a profile of his most deranged thoughts

The rise of Varavara Rao in the literary world happened at a time when poverty ruled the roost in our country.

Know the Naxals : A brief look at the history

Let us not be fooled by their charms, and by the desperation of rootless prince of Congress, who do not know where he stands.

Romanticizing death, blood and deception – A tale of the Left and Naxalbari

The presumption that the ‘educated man’ being above scrutiny gives way to snobbish attempts engineer consent

Karl Marx’ birthday is over, and so should the ‘Party’

"Bharat tere tukde honge” if that is the price to pay to spread communalism in India.

Mamata Banerjee in a tizzy as BJP rises in West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee appears to be in utter panic. The two recent developments have proved so.

BJP’s Mission Bengal activated, Amit Shah’s new clarion call ‘Ebar Bangla’

BJP president Amit Shah has charted the party’s Mission Bengal during his three-day tour to the state.

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