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Hatred in Bengal: Calls for murder of BJP and RSS workers on Social Media

A terrible hate is festering in the heart of Bengal. As a consequence, perhaps, of Mamata Bannerjee’s misrule and the communist stronghold over academia, a section of the youth is being drawn toward violence and Naxalism. Take a look at this for example:

A typical Facebook post by a section of Youth in Bengal

You might think, especially if you are fed with the liberal narrative during your formative years, that support for Naxalism is not a big issue, even though Naxal terrorists have caused the maximum casualties. You may think you’re supporting “people’s movement” but this support for a murderous ideology finally renders you bereft of any humanity.

You want your daily dose of blood. CRPF jawans being killed fails to quench your blood thirst. You want more. Here is the same person celebrating murder:

A communist Bengali celebrating murder of a Hindu worker

The twisted rhetoric of liberals, which dubs RSS as fascists without any probable reason has led to the dehumanization of the average Swayamsevak. Communists and leftists are often seen celebrating the murder of RSS workers, and this particular person from Bengal is no exception.

But this person epitomizes the problem, and the mindset. In one of his articles on ‘Youth ki Awaaz’, the said person mounts a rather complicated defense for Maoist terrorism and virtually calls for waging war against the ‘semi-feudal’, ‘semi-colonial’, ‘Brahmanical’ Indian state while whitewashing all the crimes that the maoists have committed over the years.

Raghav Bahl, the founder of The Quint, has also invested heavily in Youth Ki Awaaz. The Quint too had once ended up publishing articles of a person who wished for the assassination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Such people are unfortunately shaping the narrative and getting support from people with deep pockets.

However, to be fair to Youth Ki Awaaz, it appears that they have a policy that allows everyone to post articles on their website, but least they can do is to stop giving platform to a person who celebrates murders and violent attacks. Here is another peek into this genocidal mindset:

Violent and genocidal mindset of a leftist

Of course, the hatred is not limited just to a single person. Certain others are much less subtly calling for the murder of people associated with saffron organizations.

Call for mass murders of BJP supporters on social media

The hatred towards the BJP and RSS is accompanied by a xenophobic hatred towards North Indians as well. In the meme, the Biharis are depicted as dogs who are taking over Kolkata by pushing over the Bengalis:

Hatred and Xenophobia spread on the social media

Linguistic chauvinists are sowing seeds of division in Bengal as well. However, they have not called for violence against anyone yet, but with the leftists lurking around and willing to support any such move, the day can’t be far away.

Bengal has been witness to violent politics for decades now. But even with its bloody history, the youth calling for war against the Indian state and murder of BJP and RSS workers is indeed troubling. But we all know where the priorities of Mamata Banerjee lie.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

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