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‘You have a new owner’: Rahul Gandhi insults female NDTV journalist over Adani Group’s acquisition, accuses her of distracting attention from Bharat Jodo Yatra

'Your question is designed to distract from what we are doing', Rahul Gandhi told female NDTV journalist as she has 'a new owner'

The NDTV takeover by Gautam Adani, false narratives and propaganda: Here are a few questions that the global media and NDTV must answer

Let us examine a few questions and narratives that have emerged out of the Gautam Adani takeover of NDTV - a leftist bastion.

The tale of two NDTV headlines: Mohammad Shalik’s murder vs Ankita, murdered by Shahrukh

It is regularly done by channels like NDTV to reinforce the narrative that the victims can only belong to one religion, and the aggressor always comes from one particular religion

Adani buying NDTV: Washington Post owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is concerned about ‘Modi ally’ endangering press freedom

Washington Post that is owned by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, expresses concerns about Adani buying NDTV, calls it worrying for 'press freedom'.

Baseless, legally untenable and devoid of merit: Adani Group responds to allegations of a ‘hostile takeover of NDTV’ without consent of promoters

NDTV accused the Adani Group of acquiring a 29% stake in the company without consent, the Adani group has responded to the allegations.

Kapil Sibal is worried about the ‘independence’ of NDTV post-Adani acquisition, here is how the company got its money earlier

The promoter company of NDTV borrowed Rs 350 crores from Adani Group's subsidiary to pay off its earlier debt.

Memes, jokes mocking Ravish Kumar, who refuted his resignation ‘rumour’, flood the Internet after Adani Group initiates hostile takeover of NDTV

Netizens mock NDTV's Ravish Kumar, who has been at forefront of hating on Adani Group and even spreading fake news, as he may end up working for the group if the deal goes through.

NDTV cries foul after Adani Group decides to exercise its right to convert loan into equity, know what a hostile takeover is

An explainer on what exactly happened with Adani Group and its hostile takeover bid for NDTV.

Adani Group to indirectly acquire a 29.18 per cent stake in media group NDTV, launches open offer to acquire another 26 per cent

Adani Group's media arm also aims to acquire another 26 per cent in NDTV through open offer.

‘Liberals’ and ‘intellectuals’ find #HarGharTiranga problematic, say 50-year-celebrations were ‘simple’: Here is why it was simple and subdued

'Intellectuals' want simpler times because with Modi out of picture, they can go back to peddle lies to ordinary men and women without being questioned while influencing ministerial berths in free time.

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