Saturday, September 25, 2021


New York

Nicki Minaj’s tweet on Met Gala and her cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles takes Internet by the storm

Who would've thought Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's swollen testicles would get more eyeballs (thankfully not literally) than Met Gala.

Time’s Up co-founder Roberta Kaplan, who helped Governor Cuomo draft a letter to discredit his accuser, resigns from her post

Roberta Kaplan, the chairwoman of women advocacy group Time’s Up and co-founder of its legal defence fund, has resigned.

‘Time’s Up’ praises women for speaking up against NY Gov Andrew Cuomo after advising him to discredit them: How a feminist group tried to...

Time's Up group's Legal Counsel Roberta Kaplan and CEO Tina Tchen reportedly helped NY governor Andrew Cuomo.

Indians slam Bloomberg for claiming that world’s best Indian food is found in New York City

Bloomberg News on Saturday shared an article and claimed in its caption that New York City has the best Indian food in the world.

Cleric called ‘priest’, image of Hindu man offering Puja used by NY Post in report where Muslim Maulvi got his penis chopped by wife

The cleric, Maulvi Vakil Ahmed, was bobbitised after his wife learnt that he wanted to marry for the third time.

Wokeness is not a social revolution, it is a religion imposed by the ruling class

This is what makes woke culture different from the social movements of the past. It comes from above and not below. It does not challenge power, rather it is an instrument of power.

New York City: 899 people given expired doses of Pfizer vaccine, Health Department asks them to get re-vaccinated

The ATC Vaccination Services have told the patients that they need to get another shot because the company cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the doses they received.

Hart Island: Once a psychiatric institution and now the resting place for Covid patients in New York

Interestingly, Hart Island had witnessed a spike in burials during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, although the scale was much lower than the one caused by the Wuhan Coronavirus.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo apologises after reports that he advised his brother and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to deny sexual harassment allegations

CNN said that Chris Cuomo advising his brother and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was improper, but he won’t face any disciplinary action

New York City: Man wearing Star of David necklace savagely attacked by Pro-Palestine protestors with a metal chair

The video appears to depict a police officer escorting the victim, who has not yet been identified, with a bloodied face across the street.

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