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Nirwa Mehta videos

From vowing to root out ‘Jihadi’ Kejriwal govt to being unabashedly Hindu: Watch BJP’s Kapil Mishra’s freewheeling chat with OpIndia

Speaking to OpIndia Editor Nirwa Mehta, Mishra talked about his journey from student activist days to India against corruption movement to joining mainstream politics and shedding inhibitions of 'secularism' and being an unapologetic Hindu.

Riots, corruption and ‘toffee model’: Busting the myths about ‘fascist’ Modi

OpIndia English Editor Nirwa Mehta chats with lawyer Kartikeya Tanna about Gujarat, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and democracy

Watch Dr Amit Thadani in a tête-à-tête with OpIndia on being a frontline warrior, possibility of a third wave and misuse of lockdown

Of fears, precautions and hope: COVID 'third wave' may not really spell doom as everyone wants us to believe, says Dr Amit Thadani from Mumbai

Did you know that you can get tax free income if you inform govt about smugglers? This and more as OpIndia’s Nirwa Mehta chats...

All things you may or may not wanted to know about pichhe se sona kaise nikalta hai.

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