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Union government sets minimum export price of $800 per metric tonne for onions amid surging prices, to increase buffer

Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution notified a Minimum Export Price of $800 per Metric Ton for the export of onions

Union Govt releases onions from buffer stock to moderate prices in the market

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has taken targeted measures to moderate the price of onions in the market.

In a blow to Kejriwal’s fearmongering, onion prices drop by 60% across the country: Details

As an example of the ill effects of hoarding, Arvond Kejriwal cited the rise in onion prices across the country..

Bihar Assembly elections: Onions pelted at Nitish Kumar’s poll rally at Madhubani’s Harlakhi

The man who had reportedly hurled onions at Kumar kept shouting that though alcohol is prohibited in the state, it is freely being sold and available everywhere.

Cropped video circulated out of context to mock FM Nirmala Sitharaman over onion prices: Here is the truth

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday stated that her replies on the floor of the Lok Sabha are being quoted out of the context to mislead the public. 

Bizarre: SP youth wing workers give onions on loan by keeping Aadhaar Card and silver jewellery as mortgage in Varanasi

The workers of the SP youth wing have adapted a bizarre way of protesting high onion prices

Onion scarcity: A mostly man-made crisis that keeps affecting elections in the country

Onion has caused elected governments to fall several times in the past

Amidst price rise and shortage, government bans onion export

The government has ordered that the export of all varieties of onions are banned with an immediate effect.

One tonne onions sold for one rupee: The truth

Media hype and twisting of facts lead to a sensationalised story.

#OnionScam in Delhi or a media hit job on AAP?

Arvind Kejirwal Govt's "first scam" seems to be more of a media hitjob

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