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Union Cabinet approves revision of pension for armed forces under OROP, to benefit 25 lakh pensioners

The revision of pension for armed forces under OROP is set to benefit more than 25 lakh pensioners.

Budget 2019: Centre has released 35,000 crores for OROP scheme, Defence spending gets a boost with ₹3 lakh crore allocation

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal also said that the Centre has also enhanced the Defence spending to Rs 3 lakh crore. "The Defence Budget has crossed ₹3 lakh crores for the first time. Additional funds will be provided, if necessary," said Piyush Goyal.

Amit Shah: For Congress OROP means ‘Only Rahul Only Priyanka’

Amit Shah in a rally in Himachal Pradesh accused Congress of perpetuating Dynasty rule in the Country

Himachal Pradesh to receive Rs 26,000 crores for infrastructure development, PM Modi announces in Jan Abhaar Rally

PM Modi released a document titled ‘Imaandar Prayaas Ka, Ek Saal Vikas Ka’, highlighting achievements of the state government in the last one year.

A soldier’s confusion : It is time for the Modi government to introspect

The government needs to do some damage control and a year is long enough to do so

Rahul Gandhi’s and Kejriwal’s vulture politics gets exposed by social media

Nothing stays hidden from social media scrutiny

The Horrendous Communication Strategy of “Modi Sarkar“

The Government must act on its failed communication policy

Will this issue be the next OROP for BJP?

The mess that Congress has made in earstwhile Andhra Pradesh can be another OROP for BJP

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