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Pakistan Army

Influencer Shayan Ali refuses to do ISI propaganda work against India, the Modi fan recounts the harrowing tale of how he had to leave...

Shayan Ali, who was born in Pakistan and well-versed in Urdu, pointed out that influencers including him were often approached by the Pakistan

Imran Khan goes on a hysterical rant, says there is a ‘London plan’ to destroy PTI and send him behind bars

Imran Khan has accused the federal government in Pakistan of muzzling the media and vandalising the houses of the PTI workers.

“Ready to die than live under these duffers…” Imran Khan before his arrest

"I am ready to die than live under these duffers, the question is are you ready? There is no case on me. They want to put me in jail, I am ready for it," Imran Khan said in a video posted on his Twitter handle. 

Remembering Dhirendranath Datta: Hero of the Bengali language movement, who was abducted and murdered by the Pakistan army

While Dhirendranath Datta was not alive to witness East Pakistan's Independence, his contribution to the Bengali language movement has been immense.

When Pakistan Defence fan account said ‘Sleep tight because PAF is awake’ hours before India’s air strike on Pakistan terror camps

Every year on February 26, Indians mock the false bravado of those who have faith in the Pakistani Air Force.

#BoysWillBeBoys: Pakistanis resort to memes, self-deprecating dark humour as country’s economic crisis worsens

Pakistanis used memes to show how their country is suffering from an economic crisis

As Pakistan’s economy crashes, read about the time Pakistan vowed to eat grass if needed to get nuclear bombs

Pakistan has nuclear bombs today but not enough resources to feed its impoverished citizens.

Anti-Pakistan protests intensify in Gilgit Baltistan over illegal land grab by the Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Army has been grabbing land from the locals for years, but this is the first time the locals have risen against the Army.

Pakistan: Pashtun leader stopped from travelling abroad, held at Islamabad airport on behest of Army ‘establishment’

In September, Mohsin Dawar lashed out at Pakistanis for making racist remarks against the Afghan community .

Pakistan PM picks Pulwama attack architect and former ISI chief Asim Munir as next Army Chief, Imran Khan says president will discuss with him...

Lt Gen Asim Munir was the chief of ISI when India witnessed the Pulwama terror attack in February 2019.

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