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Pakistan has been changing stands and lying through its teeth on the issue of existence of terrorist organisations on its territory.
Wing Commander Abhinandan had not lost his sense of humour even when he was being held captive and used for making propaganda videos by Pak army
A US based Baloch group had condemned the Pulwama terrorist attack and had held Pakistan responsible for the terrorist attack.
14 Pakistani Rangers have been killed and 6 bunkers have been destroyed as per reports
The irony of all this is that Tablighi Jamaat promotes segregation and believes that women should stay at home
The footage contains a time-stamp that leaves no doubt that the Surgical Strike, denied by Pakistan and the opposition actually took place.
Pakistan had earlier during the day summoned India's Deputy High Commissioner.
Her mother is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Pakistani Army has been accused of violating human rights in the valley since a long time.
Pakistan didn't quite get what it was hoping for at the summit, and they are not hiding the disappointment.
There is not much difference between the Pakistani Army and their terrorist counterparts.
Indian Army has time and again responded strongly to Pakistan's barbaric aggression
What is the story of Kulbushan Jadav who has been awarded the death sentence by the Pakistan authorities
As editor of The Hindu, Varadrajan had got the newspaper publish a report that virtually justified beheadings of Indian soldiers by Pakistani Army.

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