Sunday, May 9, 2021



Not one input predicted the intensity and ferocity of the Covid-19 second wave, says Science & Technology secretary

DST Secretary Ashutosh Sharma said that election rallies and Kumbh are not the main reasons for the second wave of Covid-19 in India

After denying raw materials for vaccine, US officials rush to undo damage and promise help

Top US officials including President Biden and Vice President Harris extended solidarity after coming under fire for denying raw material for coronavirus vaccine.

Maharashtra: Former FDA commissioner says he had warned state govt, proposed road map to handle Covid surge, but was ignored

The veteran bureaucrat had earlier worked as Pune municipal commissioner during which he played an instrumental role in the fight against swine flu. He had also served as the Food and Drug Administration commissioner from 2011 to 2014.

Actor Sonu Sood tests positive for COVID-19, releases statement on Twitter

Actor Sonu Sood took to social media websites to declare that he has tested positive for the coronavirus, releases statement

Panic amid pandemic: Did we get complacent as we thought we got lucky

As India struggles in second wave of coronavirus pandemic, a lowdown of how we all got complacent to the Chinese virus

Maharashtra govt to study why COVID-19 cases not surging in election-bound states despite large gathering in rallies

Maharashtra COVID-19 task force will study why cases are increasing only in the state & not in election bound states with large gatherings

With the COVID-19 second wave, we need to stop listening to the ‘ecosystem’: Here is why

Ever since the COVID pandemic began, we have had to deal with a class of people who are experts at nothing but pointing fingers at everything

Blame game ensues after Mid-Day finds BMC officials at Mumbai airport took bribes from international passengers to allow escape from mandatory quarantine

An investigation by Mid-day found that BMC officials deployed at the Mumbai international airport took bribes from international fliers to help them skip mandatory isolation

Permission for IPL in Mumbai despite shutdown of other private business sparks outrage

The permission to allow IPL in Mumbai uninterrupted, however, sparked outrage among netizens.

45 crew members of Ram Setu movie test positive for COVID-19 the day Akshay Kumar gets hospitalised for coronavirus

Versatile actor Akshay Kumar had tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday

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