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Pakistan Supreme Court upholds death sentence to former dictator Pervez Musharraf for imposing ‘unconstitutional’ emergency, a year after his death

The Pakistan Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the death sentence of former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, who passed away last year

Netizens react after Subramanian Swamy feels ‘sorrowful’ for the death of Pervez Musharraf, ex-Pakistani dictator and architect of the Kargil war

Just like many other Indian liberals, Subramanian Swamy was 'sorrowful' at the passing of the man he believed was 'always anxious to find a way to peace with India'

As Shashi Tharoor continues to defend his ‘man of peace’ remark for Musharraf, here is how Indian soldiers were mutilated under Musharraf’s command

While conceding the role of Pervez Musharraf in Kargil, Shashi Tharoor lauded the ex-military dictator for being a beacon of peace.

Indian ‘Liberals’ praise Pervez Musharraf after his death, paint him as the messiah of peace ignoring that he was the butcher of Kargil

The Indian liberals ignored the fact that Pervez Musharraf masterminded the 1999 Kargil War, which claimed the lives of 500+ Indian soldiers.

Pervez Musharraf and his role in increasing Pakistan’s terror activities and hostility toward India

Musharraf, who is infamously known for his role in instigating the Kargil war and the increase in terror activities in India, was suffering from amyloidosis.

Don’t mock the dead, unless the dead person is someone like Pervez Musharraf, then all memes are fine

We remember the late Vinod Dua's words today because some people are getting uncomfortable over all the jokes and memes mocking the death of former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf.

Meme fest erupts as ex-Pakistani Dictator and mastermind of Kargil War against India dies

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf dies, Indians say good riddance.

Ex Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf dies, had masterminded the Kargil War against India

In 2019, Pervez Musharraf was handed the death penalty for imposing Emergency in Pakistan in 2007.

Abdul Qadeer Khan: Metallurgist turned ‘Father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, an expert in espionage, nuclear proliferation and illicit profiteering

Born in 1936 in Bhopal, India, Abdul Qadeer Khan's family migrated to Pakistan after the partition in 1952.

Musharraf’s corpse should be dragged to D-Chowk in Islamabad, hanged for three days: Pakistan court

Two of the three judges, Justice Seth and Justice Karim gave the death sentence while Justice Nazarullah Akbar wrote a dissenting note saying that the prosecution team could not prove treason case. 

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