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Swara Bhasker had extended support to various politicians across political parties with a cocktail of political ideologies
Left-liberalism is getting mediocre each day, and it is getting lazier too. Thanks to the Right Wing.
Titled “Retweeting Modi increases BJP MPs’ chances of getting a Lok Sabha ticket: Study,” The Print article was written by Barbara De Alfaro, a student of political science at UC Berkeley
For many, it was not a Masjid that stood there, it was a symbol of tyranny against Hindu civilization. What they celebrate, only they have right to define, and they have a right to be heard.
Madhur, a placard activist, was abused and threatened in Old Delhi area for having a pro-Modi sticker on his car.
Priyanka Gandhi took an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Lucknow, and it was a flight to remember.
When Divya Spandana, who is a representative of the Congress party says that all Modi voters are "stupid", one must ask her if she is calling 38.5% of India's population stupid
Here is what made it to the news today
While earlier the fake news was limited to select occasions, proximity to elections indicate that perhaps there’s an attempt at using fake news as a tool to mislead the people in order to improve the performance of the Congress
So, The Heir will take his oath as the Prime Minister of India in May 2019.
Latest news and updates from 2018 assembly election results of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana, and Mizoram.
The video was shot during his door-to-door campaign in Mettupalli town.
Former PM Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday being celebrated as Children's Day has an interesting story around it
Can you imagine the kind of outpouring of rhetoric that would happen if the BJP were doing this to the Congress today?
It is preposterous to think there is a possibility of anything good coming of the proposed population control law.
After renaming Allahabad to Prayagraj, this is second renaming by the UP government
Rai is the daughter of a former minister, Chandrika Rai and granddaughter of former BJP chief minister Daroga Rai.
Modi will not sacrifice morality at the altar of political realism, compromising the future of the nation for short-term gains
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Statue of Unity - tallest statue in the world dedicated to Sardar Patel - on his birth anniversary today. Get the latest update here.
“Are you a secret Modi admirer?” asked Meeny with menace in her voice.
The core aspect of the inter-tribal conflict is the issue of nativity.
Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has reportedly cancelled his trip to Israel and will be visiting the spot today
The Wire's Vinod Dua, accused of sexual harassment, commented about his own involvement, and it was shocking.
God, however, was in no mood to correct this delusion that many people, including many in that state, harboured.
After Baijayant Jay Panda's exit, Dr Damodar Rout was recently dismissed by Naveen Patnaik
There is a constant attempt by liberal scholars who cultivate the thought that nationalism is subservient to constitutionalism
This is what Congress has always been: always there for the taking and never there for the making.
Youth needs direction; they can change the world and what better way to begin than to understand the power of their vote

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