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‘I will do everything in my power to oppose his candidature’: AAP leader Waqar Choudhary accuses party’s East Delhi candidate Kuldeep Kumar of serving...

In a video statement, AAP leader Mohammed Waqar Choudhary accused AAP MLA and Lok Sabha Candidate Kuldeep Kumar of offering him pork. He said if AAP did not replace him, he would revolt against Kumar and do everything in his power to oppose him.

Indonesia: TikToker with over 2 million followers jailed for saying ‘Bismillah’ before eating ‘crispy-skin pork’. Read what happened

The 33-year-old TikToker Lina Lutfiawati was jailed for 'blasphemy' by the court in Indonesia for a video she posted wherein she was heard saying 'bismillah' before eating 'crispy skin pork'

Indian cricketers get their new dietary plan, will be able to eat only ‘Halal certified’ meat now, according to reports: Details

The new diet plan for the Indian cricket team mandates players to have only halal certified meat products

Tamil Nadu: Muslims object to Hindus sacrificing pigs on their festival, says it creates unhygienic environment and pollutes the area

A week after sacrificing lakhs of animals on Bakrid, Muslims in Tamil Nadu objected to sacrifice of pigs by Kattu Nayakkar community

Kerala: Christian man attacked by Islamists for selling non-Halal meat, forcefully fed raw meat, delivery truck burnt down

In Kerala, a Christian Non-halal meat distributer was targeted by Islamists on the Easter Day.

Corona affects Hindus, Muslims have dua, don’t need vaccine: Kolkata’s Maulana Barkati

"Muslim community is not afraid of the virus and will not take the vaccine," said Kolkata Shahi Imam Maulana Barkati

Chinese regime forces Uyghur Muslims to eat pork, expands pig farms in Xinjiang: Reports

Former detainee in Chinese 're-education camp' narrates how they were force fed pork on Fridays by the authorities

Alert in North-east after African Swine Fever kills more than 14,000 pigs in Assam

The Assam government has announced that the deadly epidemic of African Swine Fever has killed more than 14,000 pigs in the state

Assam: Thousands of pigs die of African Swine Fever, suspected to have come from China, sale of pork banned in 6 affected districts

According to the animal resource experts in North East, the highly contagious ASF came to the region from Tibet in China through Arunachal Pradesh.

Christians in Indonesian province attempt to drive away Muslim tourists by having ‘pork festival’

Peppa Pig, the long-running British television show for children, has now become the chosen mascot in some areas to represent the fight of non-Muslim Indonesians against attempts to establish halal-based tourism.

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