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From Kashmir issue to China to corruption: Nehruvian Blunders that continue to hurt India till this day

Nehru unwisely rejected myriad obvious offers such as a permanent UN Seat, Nuke Assistance from the US, and offers of Nepal and Baluchistan to join India. His failure to lead educational and economic empowerment served as impediments to upward mobility for regular Indians.

Hinduism will be finished in another century, columnist Abhijit Iyer Mitra predicts. Read why he thinks so

Abhijit draws from history to show parallels between what is happening in modern post-independence India and what happened to the religions of pre-Christian Europe and pre-Islamic Iran and Egypt, which are relegated to museums now.

‘Shiv bhakts’ would have needed visa to visit Somnath, PM Modi takes a jibe at Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi recently visited Mansarovar to show his 'Hindu' side ahead of 2019 elections

India’s Broken Tryst

India is now certainly 'waking to life & freedom' and as the great Swami Vivekananda said, shall not sleep until the goal is achieved.

Rahul needs to know of Mahatma Gandhi and Capitalists

When Rahul Gandhi today accuses of Modi government siding with the Capitalists, it appears as such a sham

Five books you should read before the next World Book Day

April 23 is celebrated as the World Book Day and here are some suggestions for reading

World Book Day – Five Books To Read

This world book day, treat yourself with these books

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