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‘Grow potato chips and tomato ketchup in food park’ – Rahul Gandhi says funnily, but here is what is not funny at all

After forcing the govt to withdraw farm laws, Rahul Gandhi promises the same benefits of the laws to the farmers

West Bengal: Unavailibity of cold storage, inefficient policies blamed for loss to potato farmers in the state

While the State produces 11.5 million tonnes of potatoes annually, there is a storage capacity of only 7 million tonnes.

Pepsi withdraws lawsuit against potato farmers alleging patent infringement

Pepsi said that the company agreed to withdraw the cases against the farmers after a discussion with the government

Rahul Gandhi is like the Johnny Lever of Indian politics who acts as comic relief during high political drama

Sometimes one is not sure whether Rahul Gandhi even gets his speeches vetted before taking to stage.

Alunomics: Congress President Rahul Gandhi explains the economics behind potato chips

Potato chips are the flavour of the election season.

Two Samajwadi Party workers arrested for hurling potatoes in Lucknow

The two persons arrested are allegedly close to former CM of UP, Akhilesh Yadav.

Deja Alu: Rahul Gandhi is repeating the same tricks expecting a different result

Rahul Gandhi is trying the same stunts every year expecting a different result

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