Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Presidential Elections

‘I concede NOTHING!’: Donald Trump makes it clear he is unlikely to offer a concession speech anytime soon, claims there is a ‘long way...

US President Donald Trump again on Sunday made it clear that he will not be delivering a concession speech anytime soon.

‘Joe Biden should tell the Democratic party to support scrutiny into the US election process’: Top US legal analyst

Jonathan Turley said that there is no evidence of voter fraud as of now but emphasized that Trump's chances are not over yet.

US Presidential elections: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris hail results as an opportunity to ‘heal’ the country, Donald Trump yet to concede

Joe Biden claimed that he will strive to be the President who believes in unifying people rather than dividing them.

As you sow, so shall you reap: Why Democrats can’t blame Trump supporters for undermining faith in the US election process

In the event of a defeat for Trump versus Democrats, it is unlikely that the sentiment of disenfranchisement will fade quickly.

Software glitch that caused Republican votes to be counted for Democrats used in 47 Michigan counties, claims state GOP Chair, seeks examination of results

State GOP Chair said that the people of Michigan deserve a transparent election process. Joe Biden won the state with a comfortable margin.

Comedian shares image showing a bloody decapitated head of Donald Trump on election night, days after beheadings in France

Kathy Griffin had shared the image in the past as well and she was condemned for it widely by people across the political spectrum.

‘We already have won the elections,’ Donald Trump declares victory, will approach the Supreme Court to prevent ‘rigging’

Joe Biden, meanwhile, has said in a statement earlier that Donald Trump should not be declaring the results of the elections.

Winner between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the US Presidential elections may not be known on election night: Here’s why

MI, WI and PA have 16, 10 and 20 electoral college votes respectively which are essential for a Donald Trump victory.

US Elections: Dancing to Despacito not enough learns Joe Biden as Hispanics propel ‘racist’ Donald Trump to victory in Florida

Donald Trump has won the key swing state of Florida dealing a thumping blow to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

US Presidential Elections 2020 vs 2016: Things feel the same as they did four years ago and yet, they are very different

Donald Trump pulled off one of the greatest upsets in American political history 4 years ago when he defeated Hillary Clinton.

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