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According to the IT Department, Bhargav had failed to disclose the source of an income of Rs 8 crore that he had invested in a company called Skyline Construction Private Limited.
This is the first statement by the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce after India carried out airstrikes deep inside Pakistan territory, right up to Balakot, flattening Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps, as a response to the Pulwama terror attack.
In a joint press conference today, the representative of all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces, Army, Navy and the Airforce today exposed Pakistan's lies and provided evidence that Pakistan had indeed used F16s to target Indian military installations
Patra read out nine emails which he claimed were addressed to Robert Vadra and questioned Rahul Gandhi about the details in them.
Justice Lokur was one of the four SC judges who held the press conference last year against then CJI Dipak Misra.
Instead of tendering an apology for his lies, Rahul Gandhi repeats his lies on Rafale deal
George Kurian has alleged that Justice Kurian Joseph made such 'misleading' statement with an intention of creating communal disharmony.
Justice Joseph in his interview seems to have also tried to slide away from the criticism by putting the blame of Retd. Justice Chelameswar for the press conference fiasco.
Congress and AAP leaders share Chinese media's claim, government of India calls it baseless
The writing on the wall is clear.
We're just upset he didn't speak for too long, depriving us of the entertainment.
Rahul Gandhi has been absconding leaving Karnataka without a cabinet
The Chief Economic Adviser gave a pretty interesting press conference
Why let facts get in the way of an agenda?
There are two different versions as to why they chose to do so
A man Mukesh Sharma had told NDTV that he was the real face behind 2 crore rupees donated to AAP
Instead of exposing a scam, Arvind Kejriwal exposed himself as rumour-monger.

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