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Canada: Police warn citizens against posting CCTV videos of package thefts as it violates the privacy of thieves, can attract defamation charges

Police in Canada warn that posting videos of alleged package thieves could be 'violation' of their privacy

Google agrees to settle $5 billion lawsuit, which accused the tech giant of tracking user data in ‘Incognito mode’

The $5 billion lawsuit was filed in 2020 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and covered "millions" of Google consumers, claiming damages of $5,000 per user or three times actual damages, depending on what was greater.

Elon Musk joins Twitter Spaces to inform journalists that they are no different from regular people: What he said

"You doxx...You get suspended. End of story," Elon Musk emphasised during a discussion on Twitter Spaces

Jack Dorsey highlights Twitter using trackers, apologises after netizens remind him that they were added long before Musk took over

When Jack Dorsey finally realised that he could not continue his insinuations about Elon Musk, he tweeted, "Apologies."

DuckDuckGo faces backlash for allowing Microsoft trackers on the browser: Here is what the CEO said to defend it

Duck Duck Go allows Microsoft's trackers on its browser under search syndication agreement, revealed researcher

PIL filed in Kerala HC against movie Kurup to protect the privacy of a man accused of murder and embezzlement of insurance money

A Kochi-based lawyer filed a PIL alleging that movie Kurup infringed on the rights of proclaimed offender Sukumara Kurup.

We played the ‘Selmon Bhoi’ mobile game Salman Khan went to Court against: Here’s what it is all about

Bombay Civil Court temporarily restricted access to 'Selmon Bhoi' allegedly based on a Hit and Run case involving Salman Khan

Why I don’t worry about the government tapping my phone – and neither should you

The current debate on Pegasus project has nothing to do with principles, just liberal privilege. The liberal elite gets to choose the issue of the day and make us all react.

WhatsApp moves to Delhi HC against Indian govt’s new IT rules, claims it will harm privacy protection policies

WhatsApp has filed a petition against the Government of India on May 25 in the Delhi High Court protesting against the new IT rules that require "significant social media intermediaries" like WhatsApp to trace the original senders of particular messages.

‘Deferring deadline does not absolve WhatsApp’: Modi govt again gives stern warning over privacy policy

Earlier, WhatsApp had announced that its new controversial privacy policy has been deferred and it wont come into effect on May 15th.

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