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Ramesh Bidhuri and his comments: Here is why politicians are not demanding the repeal of the Colonial ‘Parliamentary Privilege’ rule

When Ramesh Bidhuri, Delhi BJP MP called a BSP MP Danish Ali “Katwe (circumcised)”, “Bhadwe (Pimp), and Ugrawadi (Terrorist)”, it looked like an Indian holding a gun against another Indian

‘Inflation is awesome’ and other hilarious ways Indian liberals are out of step with American liberals

I promise you this. You don’t know “Godi media” till you have seen what American liberals will do for their masters. PM Modi does not have the privilege.

Petrol-diesel prices: People can feel the liberal privilege in their bones

Because Delhi, Maharashtra or West Bengal have ‘liberal’ governments, the media cannot highlight the suffering of common people in these states.

Old letter of BJP MP Sunny Deol asking for out of turn delivery of Mahindra Thar for MLA’s daughter goes viral

Sunny Deol's letter was addressed to one JS Grover of JS Grover Autos Ltd., the in the Pathankot district of Punjab.

Kerala govt calls vandalism of Assembly ‘Parliamentary privilege’, moves SC seeking permission to withdraw vandalism cases against CPM leaders

Kerala govt wants to withdraw cases against CPM leaders for vandalism in assembly in 2015, says vandalising house is parliamentary privilege

TMC MP Mahua Moitra served notice for her rants against ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi in Lok Sabha

In her speech in the parliament, Mahua Moitra had targeted former CJI Ranjan Gogoi over sexual harassment allegations.

“Soft spoken climate activists”, Khalistanis and why we need to talk about liberal privilege

Privilege is a way that dehumanizes the “other” in an insidious manner - which is why we need to talk about the 'liberal privilege'

Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi may soon lose ‘informal’ airport privileges that should have ended when SPG was withdrawn: Read details

Despite the downgrade of SPG cover, the Gandhi trio, until now, enjoyed the informal airport privileges of skipping airport security checks

This is why Rahul Gandhi so desperately wants to speak in the parliament

Rahul claims to have information on corruption by Modi, but he will speak only in the Parliament.

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