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US cult leader who proclaims to be a ‘prophet’ married 20 women including minors, forced followers to have sex with his own minor daughter

US' self-proclaimed 'prophet' directed three of his male followers to have sex with his daughters, one of whom was only 12 years old, while he watched, as per FBI's charges.

“Victory to Dharma, I am back at your service. Jai Shri Ram”: BJP MLA T Raja Singh after Telangana HC grants bail in Prophet...

T Raja Singh was arrested amid 'Sar Tan Se Juda' chants over allegedly 'blasphemous' comment on Prophet Muhammad.

Self-proclaimed journalists, including Rana Ayyub, Rohini Singh, dog-whistle against Nupur Sharma, deliberately endanger her life in the name of ‘blasphemy’

Islamists, the alleged 'fact-checkers', self-proclaimed journalists descended on her timeline to unleash trolls, who wasted no time in issuing death and rape threats to the BJP leader for making comments that are 'blasphemous'.

Kalinga Rights Forum urges NCST to take action against Odisha official for assisting conversion activities of controversial Christian ‘Prophet’ Bajinder Singh

Hindu group urges Odisha police and NCST to act against officials for assisting conversion event of 'Prophet' Bajinder Singh

Controversial Christian preacher Bajinder Singh, infamous for fake ‘healing camps’, to hold meeting in Mumbai, Johnny Lever, Rakhi Sawant and others promote

Controversial Prophet Bajinder Singh is set to hold a meeting in Mumbai, and Bollywood actors are promoting him

‘Many of the Prophet’s ideas are close to Communist ideals’; ‘Marx, Lenin are prophets of modern times’: CPI(M) Politburo Member M A Baby

As the month of Ramzan kicked off, M A Baby took to Facebook to draw parallels between Communism and Islam

Pakistan: Madarsa teachers kill their colleague ‘because Prophet told them in a dream that she is committing blasphemy and ordered her murder’

Three women have killed a Madarsa teacher in Dera Ismail Khan because a fourth girl had seen in a dream that the victim was 'committing blasphemy' and was ordered by the prophet to kill her.

Zimbabwe: ‘Prophet’ rapes a woman inside car after threatening her with a live snake

A self-styled prophet in Zimbabwe's Harare raped a woman who had come to offer prayers at his shrine.

Bengaluru: Amidst chants of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and ‘Nara e Taqbeer’, Muslim mob burns down police station, Dalit Congress MLA’s residence over Facebook post...

Angered over Dalit Congress MLA's nephew's alleged Facebook post on Prophet Mohammad, rioting Muslim mob went on a rampage in Bengaluru

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