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Princess Kate Middleton’s picture of Queen Elizabeth II flagged as edited: The British royal family’s PR fiasco explained

At a time when speculations were rife about her health status and whereabouts, a series of events and “doctored” digital evidence of Kate’s recent appearance have left the Royal family in ignominy. 

British Sikh man, who was caught with a loaded crossbow attempting to kill Queen Elizabeth II for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, pleads guilty of treason

Jaswant Singh Chail, who had gone to Windsor Castle carrying a crossbow and told a guard that he was there to kill the Queen, pleads guilty of treason charges

Netizens fume after Meghan Markle mocks Queen Elizabeth II with an exaggerated curtsy, insults royal family traditions in Netflix show

In the controversial new Netflix show, Meghan Markle is seen mocking curtsy to late Queen Elizabeth II.

Footballer Mohamed Salah gets panned by Arabs for condoling Queen Elizabeth II’s demise, gets cancelled as Muslim, again

Mohamed Salah also gets cancelled as a Muslim every year for celebrating Christmas with his family.

Saudi Arabia: Yemeni man arrested after he performed Mecca pilgrimage requesting Allah to accept Queen Elizabeth in heaven

The Yemeni man performed the Umrah pilgrimage on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II and held a banner that read, "Umrah for the soul of Queen Elizabeth II, we ask God to accept her in heaven and among the righteous".

When Queen Elizabeth II ruled over Pakistan for 4 years

Queen Elizabeth II's position as ruler of Pakistan remained small and uninteresting, as she deliberately avoided participating in the nation and its political activities, while her governor-general served best a cosmetic function.

What happens now to the Kohinoor diamond, stolen by the British from India, after Queen Elizabeth II’s death: Details

Kohinoor was taken away from Sikh ruler Duleep Singh, after the death of his father, Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death: Tucker Carlson hails England for leaving behind a civilisation when they quit India. Here’s how he is wrong

Fox News' Tucker Carlson said England gave "civilisation" to India when it left the country in August 1947.

Britain’s new monarch King Charles III has been a controversial figure: Here are some of the reasons

In her widely watched interview, Princess Diana had accused her husband Prince Charles of infidelity. Over the years, the image of the new British king has not been very popular.

Was Queen Elizabeth 2, head of the Church of England, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad?

Several claims trace the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II back to the founding father of Islam, Prophet Muhammad.

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