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racial discrimination

Hasan Minhaj confesses he fabricated stories of racial discrimination after New Yorker exposes his lies, defends saying ‘emotional truth more important than fact’

New Yorker published a report revealing how Indian-origin stand-up comic Hasan Minhaj had made up stories of racial harassment

‘Affirmative Action’, race-based admission in Harvard and North Carolina universities struck down by US Supreme Court

This comes amid reports of the university's policies discriminating against White and Asian applicants by giving preference to Black, Hispanic, and Native American ones.

‘Punishing white employees’: Here is what happened and why Starbucks will be paying $25 million to a white ex-manager in racial discrimination case in...

Starbucks was found to have violated Phillips's federal civil rights and a New Jersey law that forbids discrimination on the basis of color by a federal jury in New Jersey

The threat of Islamisation looms over Fiji, Hindus sidelined by Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiym with an ‘invisible’ Pakistan backing: Details

Hindus in Fiji comprise about 27.9% of the total population and the minority community is faced with increasing cases of inequitable treatment

‘You’re genociding our race, you’re an invader’: Viral video shows a white man harassing and attacking an Indian man in Poland

A new video of a white man racially harassing and attacking an Indian man in Poland is going viral on the internet.

‘Forced to cook meat, harassed when denied’: Suspended Hindu police personnel in Sitapur, UP, allege discrimination by IPS Shafiq Ahmed, ADG Zaki Ahmed

Several suspended Hindu police officers in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh have alleged harassment and discrimination by their superior officials ADG Zaki Ahmed and IPS Shafiq Ahmed

Racism alive and well: Indian origin student suspended for getting assaulted and nearly choked to death by white schoolmate in Texas, USA

Indian-origin student Shaan was nearly choked to death by a white student at Coppell Middle School North in Texas.

After Indian students, Africans face racial discrimination in Ukraine, allege that they are not being allowed to cross the borders

Africans in Ukraine allege that they are facing racial discrimination from Ukraine's security agencies

USA: ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett staged fake ‘hate crime’ to gain sympathy and boost career, found guilty of lying to police

The actor, who is black and gay, had lied to the police and had falsely claimed that he was attacked in a dark Chicago street by two masked strangers in 2019. The attack was staged by the actor himself.

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