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‘That’s low, poor marketing taste’: Canadian brand Dbrand faces backlash after posting rude, derogatory comment on an Indian customer’s name

Dbrand's statement drew criticism on X, with some pointing out the racial connotations. Despite the criticism, the accessories firm refused to apologize or eliminate the post. The post has received more than 9 million views on X.

Baltimore bridge collapse: Racist online attacks on ‘Indian crew’ of ship MV Dali despite local pilots steering it

While social media users indulged in racial attacks on Indians, it was the Indian crew that alerted the port authorities about the possible collapse after ship lost power. Even President Biden has praised the crew's timely action.

Washington Post columnist Khaled Beydoun, who spread lies about Hindus and India, now caught making up fake racism against Arabs

Although Khaled Beydoun wanted to use the alleged case of 'racism' to deviate public discourse from documented anti-Semitic attacks, netizens were quick to point out that the screenshot was fake.

“Indians are Uber drivers & Deliveroo people”: Sydney teacher who hurled racist remarks at Indians ordered to undergo ‘disciplinary warning and training’

As per the student, the teacher also said that "all Indians are Uber drivers and Deliveroo people, and their service is bad".

We cannot let his strange Gods into the White House: Christian evangelist goes on a Hinduphobic rant against Indian-origin, US Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy

Hank Kunneman drew inspiration from the King of Judah, Jehoshaphat, and claimed that God loved him for 'kicking out idols from his kingdom.'

You are a black monkey: Romelu Lukaku suffers racial abuses on social media after Inter lose to Manchester City in Champions League final

Romelu Lukaku was the victim of racist abuse online after the Champions League final in Istanbul.

They are all starving and they are worshipping cows: American political commentator goes on racist rant against Indian-origin Nikki Haley

Ann Coulter was angry that Nikki Haley took down the Confederate flag in 2015 after a white supremacist named Dylann Roof shot dead 9 people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Some are mistaking us for relatives of Bear Grylls: BJP Minister Temjen Imna Along calls out racial discrimination against Naga community

We are not relatives of Bear Grylls, Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along to people who ask whether Nagas eat dogs and snakes

Prince Harry denies calling the British Royal Family racist on Oprah’s show: Here’s what he and Meghan Markle had said

Prince Harry denied calling Royal family "racist" and blamed the British media for 'misquoting' him.

Dear Western Media, get over your racism and stop making everything about Modi

Why do legacy media in the West get so antsy when the 'dirty brown Indians' are calling out their subtle racism and bias?

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