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Udaipur beheading: While NIA starts investigation, let us not forget the terror enablers are walking around us, influencing public opinion

It is to be realized that much like how the Turkic invaders who sit on high horses today, in the public discourse, radical Islamists of the modern age have a similar grandstanding and intellectual backing for their crimes

Young Muslim children are being taught ‘how to kill Hindus’: How radicalisation, hate and bigotry is ruining another generation

Videos of young Muslims, even children declaring that they want to kill Hindus are rampant on social media. The level of radicalisation among children is concerning.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma asks the Centre to ban PFI for involvement in ‘subversive activities and radicalisation’

It is being widely reported that PFI is being funded to promote Islamism and radicalisation drives in India

Foreign funding, radical Islamic organisations and hijab protests: A plan to mobilise Muslim youth against India

The hijab protests are now being seen as a strategic move by the PFI and Jamaat-e-Hind to recruit young Muslims into the radicalisation movement.

Islamic Radicalisation and extremism main challenges to peace and security: Here is what PM Modi said at SCO summit

PM Modi said that SCO should develop a template to fight radicalisation and extremism based on foundation of moderate and progressive cultures

13-year-old boy in Syrian camp for ‘Caliphate Cubs’ narrates how children were taught guns and Quran by ISIS, wants to go home in London

13-year-old Abdullah, who is held at a Kurdish-run detention centre for ISIS children, was brought to Syria from London by his parents who had joined ISIS

Islamists defend Mohd Umar Gautam, who was running ISI-funded conversion racket targeting differently-abled children and women

Umar Gautam, who is a convert himself, had earlier revealed that he would convert around 250-300 people every year.

Umar Gautam and Jehangir received funds from Pakistan’s ISI for illegal conversions, arrested by UP ATS

Umar also informed that they targeted people from the economically weaker section of the society including women, children and the disabled.

Another Jammu and Kashmir in the making? The nefarious agenda to push Lakshadweep Islands into Islamic radicalisation

Opposition to reforms in Lakshadweep islands hints at a plan by the Congress party to turn it into another Jammu and Kashmir

Modi government clamps down on radicalisation among J&K government employees, mandates social media scrutiny and CID inquiry

Govt departments in J&K ordered to get security clearance of unverified government employees from CID of J&K Police

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