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Young Muslim children are being taught ‘how to kill Hindus’: How radicalisation, hate and bigotry is ruining another generation

There are hundreds of videos on different social media platforms where young Muslim children are seen declaring their desire to kill 'kaafirs'.

Recently, Kerala Police started a probe after a video of a child from Kerala went viral in which he was raising anti-Hindu and anti-Christian slogans, warning that Muslims are coming to kill them all. The video was from a march by the Popular Front of India (PFI).

In the video, the PFI members and the child could be heard saying, “Be ready for your death rituals if you won’t live in our land quietly. Be ready with rice flakes to fill your mouth if you won’t live quietly (For Hindus). Be ready to burn amber in your home if you won’t live quietly (For Christians). Because we are coming, we are your death. We won’t go to Pakistan or Bangladesh, you have to live here as we say, or else we know how to make you live quietly, we will kill you even if we are attacked. We take pride in being a martyr, we salute them. If you won’t live quietly, we know how to ask for ‘Azadi’. Be prepared for your death.”

It was not a random rant by a child. It was a song, a hateful verse that has been taught to the kid which he then sings and waits for people to join him in the sloganeering. The crowd around the kid seems familiar with the song because they know when to chant the appropriate slogans.

Radicalization of Muslim children and anti-Hindu propaganda

The video from Kerala shows how children of the Muslim community are being radicalized against Hindus and other communities. This is not the first incident where such videos filled with hate and propaganda have surfaced on social media.

In April 2022, an Instagram Live went viral on social media in which an Influencer Sabnam and her friend Nadeem spewed venom against Hindus. Nadeem said, “I have seen three Hindus being killed in front of my eyes. They die daily in our area. They should be killed openly. A few days ago, a cow was being killed. A Hindu approached and raised an objection. I told him to call Police and administration. They would not do anything.” While he was abusing Hindus and openly called to kill them, Sabnam kept giggling.

Nadeem challenged everyone and said, “If anyone wants to report me, go ahead. If I had an AK 47, I would have identified and killed them one by one. Hindus should be raped. I will do it. I have raped three Hindu women.” He kept using vile, absolutely filthy abuses for Hindus throughout the clip. Nadeem was later arrested by Assam Police.

In February 2021, a 2-minute video apparently from Pakistan went viral on social media where children were shown playing with wooden swords. When the person who was recording the video asked them what would they do with the swords, they replied, “Behead kafirs”. He further asked what would they get if they beheaded kafirs, and they replied, “Jannat (heaven)”.

In May 2020, many netizens shared videos from a TikTok (banned Chinese short video app) trend where Muslim boys act on lyrics of a song praising Haider, a Muslim warrior, for killing thousands of Hindus, referred to as ‘Kafir’. The lyrics say, “Ilaka Hil Raha Tha Vehdat Ke Naaron Se, Zara Si Der Mein Maidan Bhara Tha Kafir Ki Lashon Se, Jab Chali Haider Ki Talwar”.

In June 2019, another TikTok video went viral in which a Muslim boy said, “Abe Kafiron hamara Islam nahi sikhata kisi begunah ko saza dena, varna humse achcha Zibah karna kisko maloom. (Listen Kafirs, our Islam does not teach us to punish non-guilty otherwise, who else knows how to slaughter better than us).

A video of a Pakistani school has surfaced multiple times where schoolgirls were seen practising the act of beheading. As per reports, Anti-France protesters in Islamabad, Pakistan, beheaded an effigy of French President Emmanuel Macron to demonstrate their anger against him for defending the right of Charlie Hebdo magazine to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The effigy was beheaded by a female teacher at a Deobandi seminary in Islamabad in front of students, many of whom were children. In the background, the infamous song ‘Gustakh Nabi Ki Ek Saza, Sar Tan Se Juda’ was playing.

Another video went viral in 2019 in which the propaganda of converting India into Pakistan was propagated using children from Pakistan. It was part of the event ‘Ab Hind Banega Pakistan’. In the video, there’s a kid who says, “Kitna mazaa aayega jab hum Delhi gate pe gaay ke kebab khaayengey (How amazing it will be when we will eat beef kebab at Delhi gate!)”. RSS features in the video as well, one kid says, “Sun lo RSS ke dehshatgardo, ab har Musalman ke shahadat ka badla lengey kyunki ab Hind Banega Pakistan! (Listen, you RSS terrorists, we will now take revenge for the martyrdom of every Muslim because now India will become Pakistan!)”.

In 2020, the Islamabad administration had given permission to the Hindu community to build a temple. What followed was a vile, hate-filled campaign in the Pakistani society against the temple. In one of the dozens of videos that had surfaced, one stood out. A father was proudly announcing his young son’s ‘warning’ to Hindus. The child, barely 5 years old, was seen telling if the Hindus manage to build a Mandir in Islamabad, he will personally kill them all.

These videos are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of videos on different social media platforms that propagate hate against Hindus and other communities.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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