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Ram mandir-Babri masjid dispute

I have been invited and I will attend Pran Pratishtha ceremony, need blessings of Ayodhya: Former Babri litigant Iqbal Ansari

Former litigant in the Ayodhya land dispute case, Iqbal Ansari asserted that he will be attending the Pran Pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya on January 22.

Alleged journalist casts doubts on history because it was shared by a Sikh BJP leader: History of Nihangs defending Ram Mandir

Nihang Sikhs had performed Hawan and Pooja in the erstwhile disputed site of Babri structure in 1858.

CPM leader fearmongers, tries to instigate Muslims over Babri demolition after Mujahideen conference invites former BJP Kerala President

John Brittas alleged that BJP was trying to create a false sense of communal harmony and brotherhood in the State to gain votes in the election. He questioned the percentage of Muslims in the parliament and government.

Hindus contribute 40% of donations for Ayodhya Mosque against 30% by Muslims which was declared haram by Islamists, construction yet to start

Around 40 percent of the donations received by Ayodhya Masjid Trust were given by Hindus, while Muslims have only contributed 30 percent.

‘There will be bloodshed in the country if Gyanvapi verdict is against Muslims’: Babri petitioner Haji Mehboob

Haji Mehboob said that Muslims wont accept a verdict against them in Gyanvapi case like they did in the Babri case

Archaeologist BB Lal, who had unearthed remains of an ancient temple at Ram Mandir site, passes away at 101

BB Lal had led a project named Archaeology of Ramayana between 1975 and 1976 to examine certain sites having references in Ramayana.

‘Security forces stood stunned like the guards of Kansa’s prison when Krishna was born’: Sadhu recalls Babri demolition 28 years back

28 years after the Babri structure was demolished on December 6, 1992, Sant Brajmohan Das revisits what exactly transpired on that historic day in Ayodhya

Ayodhya, 2 November 1990: This Diwali, let’s remember the Karsevaks who laid down their lives for Ram Temple

On 2 November 1990, the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led UP government had ordered police to open fire on Karsevaks and hundreds of Ram Bhakts including women and children.

‘New Ram Mandir will be symbol of hate’ argument is based on same lies that propagated ‘Babri demolition radicalised Muslims’

The seeds of Islamic radicalisation and terrorism were sowed much before the demolition of Babri Masjid. But 'liberals' just found it convenient to blame the Hindus.

Babri petitioner Iqbal Ansari trashes Dhannipur Mosque design, doesn’t want it to be known by Babar’s name

Iqbal Ansari did not approve of the design of Dhannipur masjid, says a mosque is not meant for show but for reading namaz.

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