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The three-member mediation panel sought an extension of time to reach an amicable solution.
Most believe that the Supreme Court-mandated mediation process in the Ayodhya dispute has little chance of succeeding.
The Modi government moved a petition in SC asking for the vacation of stay over the 67-acre undisputed land surrounding the plot which is the actual subject matter of title suit
In a massive development in the ever-burning Ram Janmabhoomi issue, the Modi government has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to acquire the land around Ram Janmabhoomi
Aiyar assured the Muslim community that Congress is willing to work on alternatives to tackle the situation if the community is not satisfied with the SC verdict
While answering a question on construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a statement that essentially assures the construction.
Modi in his interview to ANI said that once the judicial procedure is over, the government will make all necessary efforts in this matter.
The Sangh has been lately pressurising the government to bring an ordinance in the Parliament regarding the same.
Contrary to reports by various media outlets, discovered that Ram Mandir was still very much an issue for the residents of Ayodhya. Although it was quite clear that they do want other amenities but for them, it is not an either/or issue.
The day will be celebrated in a traditional way by organising various religious ceremonies.
One Twitter user asked why the Delhi government not using the hajj house funds to build universities instead.
As a proud homosexual man I can safely say that we as a society, irrespective of our political ideologies, caste, creed and religion, we should be subtle in our outlook and approach.
The mainstream media, if it was indeed neutral, would have portrayed the divisions within the LGBT community accurately.
Thackeray should take the VHP along instead of creating a divide, said Maurya.
Ram temple is the symbol of our ancient sanatan culture and our loyalty lies with our culture and not with foreign invaders, said Subuhi Khan.
On 6th December, 2018, it will be 26 years since Babri demolition
Upcoming elections are crucial for Congress which is struggling to gain back its lost foothold.
They assert that an out of court settlement in the Ram Janmabhoomi case will be better for Hindu-Muslim relations while complimenting the spiritual leader.
The only thing that Barkha does get right in her video is the fact that Hindus are not hapless victims.
Uma Bharti said that Congress was trying to divide the country on the basis of faith.
After SC deferring hearing the Ayodhya hearing, demand for the Ram Mandir construction is rising
RSS says that it has been proven that the land on which Babri Masjid stands had a Ram Mandir
Yogi Adityanath was in the state to kick-start BJP's election campaign for the upcoming assembly polls.
The Congress party will be better served if Tharoor sticks to typing complicated words on social media that nobody cares about.
In a majority judgment, the Supreme Court refused to refer the Ram Janambhoomi case to a larger constitution bench.
I think the essential battle is the meta-battle of framing the narrative
One wonders if this is 'damage control' by the Congress considering their core vote bank is indeed, the minorities. 
Wasim Rizvi has been vocal against Islamic fundamentalists in the past too.
Ignoring core voters and sticking to Vikas will result in BJP's defeat
Sita Ram Goel in his chapter 'Residuerem of Macaulay' provides a brilliant and comprehensive analysis of Indian secular-liberals

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